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I remember the TC car story slightly differently.  Julian hit TC with the car and the injury ended TC's career.  But, it was later revealed that Julian was with Eve (or maybe her sister?) and they were under the influence when the accident occurred.   TC had hoped to use the evidence of the car against Julian when the time was right (although in Harmony time was relative and the "right time" might have been decades later).  Then, it came out that Julian was not alone in the car and was covering for either Eve or her sister, so the plan failed.

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A-ha! Thank you. I remembered Julian's car running into TC's. A line from Hidden Passions has always stuck with me. "(paraphrased?) What he saw (in the rearview mirror) would haunt him for the rest of his life." And I also vaguely recall Eve also being in the car at the time.

Although how TC managed to obtain Julian's car is another matter altogether. Was it a hit and run, with Julian ending up dumping the car? And who knew the "right time" was more than 20 years later?

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    • HA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   3-10   I admit to being disappointed.   I was looking forward to seeing Ms. Wu spin the web around Gladys and what the agenda would be. But it all felt like it's been happening off screen except for a stray scene here or there. And it seems like since Holly's latest return arc, she's been drugging Victor...or was that the one time?    And THAT was the start of the shipment storyline? How anticlimactic.   That said, I was happy to see Ms. Wu sashaying all through that episode though. LL played that to the hilt.    And I know you all told me that Cody did know he was Mac's son, but surprisingly the show had not flashed back to the scene itself. So it was nice to see the paperwork on screen. Still disliking the rewrite, but I do love seeing more of Mac. And awww for him feeling sad for Kevin.   Not enough Sprina for me, but I loved seeing them...as well as Ava/Trina scenes.    And hahahahhahaha! There is no Nurse Balls without Lucy in her undies. So of course Lucy would react how she reacted.    Same. Mmmmmm Brenda....
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    • Ah, talk about nostalgia.  A cryptic quote and tease about a possible Vanessa Marcil return. It’s like the early 2000’s all over again!
    • Fen works doing music (or in the music business) in Nashville. Fen's boyfriend works as a buyer for Fenmore's in Nashville.
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