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OLTL: Future gay character


Gay/Bisexual character on OLTL  

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  1. 1. Who of the following could you envision being gay/bisexual?

    • Markko
    • Langston
    • Justin
    • Becca
    • Matthew
    • Destiny
    • Jack
    • Shane
    • Jamie
    • 0

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Let's say OLTL ever got around to introducing another gay/bisexual character, who of the following do you think would be a good candidate? Back when he was introduced (pre-Jessica) I would have chosen Brody for this. Distant, emotionally shut down alchi, quiet rageoholic who liked the start barfights to "prove" something…and poor single mother Gigi could have been the perfect beard.

But anyway...again, who would you pick?

- Markko (there was an internet rumor a few years ago that the show was thinking of doing a male prostitution s/l for Markko to make quick money. don't know how true it was, but...what the hell, I'll include him too. I could actually see him accidentally being swept up in a male version of Otalia)

- Langston (seems quirky enough for bisexuality to be another part of her "individual"-type personality.)

- Justin (He can be OLTL's Andrew Vandecamp. Who really believes him and Becca anyway?)

- Becca (has "Girls Gone Wild" lezbo-makeout-for-attention written all over her)

- Matthew (of course he'd probably be the most boringist, sanitized gay character the show ever created, but hey...)

- Destiny (imagine Big Shaun's reaction)

- Jack (remember a few years ago when he was being played by that older looking curly top kid, Starr made a throwaway reference to him playing with Blair's makeup...)

- Shane (make up for the show wimping out of making dear old dad gay like was originally planned.)

- Jamie (just to stick it to conservative, sexist Antonio & Carlotta. It would be comedy to watch Antonio PRETENDING to be accepting while twitching over it.)

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