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I love that shot of Cecille, Liz, and Jamie in the foreground while Mac talks in the background, just like being at a real party. "Brad Garrett", ha.

Of course I keep hoping Iris will pop up though I know she won't.

Where are they? Is this Mac's suite at the Towers when he moved out of the mansion?

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Interesting too, in the same batch is the final 90 minute episode:

Interesting to see how the 90 minute experiment finished off. The pacing improved a LOT by this point. WAY less padding, probably by setting up the Texas stuff.

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This is great quality, thank you so much for sharing! Is Connie looking at a prompter? I didn't think AW used them. The sight of Rachel in that disco is so... unexpected. laugh.png

I wish the scene of Mitch "bathing Rachel in disco lights" was available.

These are the AOL episodes, I think.

I wonder if the lettuce green Speedo episode is in here.

It's interesting to see Cecile at this time, as she's not a comic character at all, just a scheming bitch who isn't quite as clever as she wants to be, and is mostly going against people who are too nice or messed up for their own good.

Meanwhile Blaine is stuck in the mode of bad girl who has to lose everything by being forced with the bad man, and giving up the man she loves - it's all so cliched but Laura Malone has such a heartbreaking quality to her acting, and she truly seemed to be the only viable younger heroine on the show at this point.

I wish they'd been able to do a real Mitch/Rachel/Mac triangle, which never seemed to happen.

I would have loved a longer Mitch/Rachel/Janice/Mac story too.

I like Ada's husband Charlie. I'm not sure why they killed him off so soon.

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really? More than mid 90s Days?

I dont know, because ive watched and rewatched thate ra of days so much and seen it go south and seen it be rewritten i think thats tainted my view for a bit and when i was no longer able to watch AW i was in love with it so i idealize it.

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