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6 minutes ago, Franko said:

That actress playing Mary Lou looks so familiar ... It's not Frances Conroy, is it?

I had that exact thought but I couldn't find any credit for her on AW on IMDB or on the AWHP so I was doubtful. The resemblance is there in face and I think voice though.

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3 hours ago, Xanthe said:

Perry's grand reopening of Smiley's was in July 1984.

I found this -- it's Maisie's first day (as well as Peter's!) and there is some kind of criminal intrigue involving a man who apparently frequents Smiley's. Around 15 minutes in a woman who works at the museum (I guess she must be "Mary Lou" -- not sure who plays her) gives a vivid description of the greasy spoon Smiley's. And about 24 minutes in we meet Smiley's and Maisie.


And then in 1983 Alma worked there as "Nell" and lived in Happy's Motel before her murder.


Thanks for posting these clips. Ahhh, the days when soaps had money to spare!

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8 hours ago, AbcNbc247 said:

AWHP says 1982-1986. I guess it was another thing that got written out in the purge of 86-87 lol

I forget what precisely became of Smiley's but it was essentially replaced by Mary's Place and Maisie went into partnership with Ada and Vince. 

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18 minutes ago, Joseph said:

Thanks I've just finished my search it was October but I couldn't find the whole scene yet

It is the end of this episode (might be a mashup of two)

More of the fall and the aftermath from the next day is visible here (starting at roughly 44:00)

There is also more of the initial confrontation between Nikos, Carl, Felicia and Rachel a bit earlier at roughly 40:20

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7 minutes ago, amybrickwallace said:

I guess you could ask the same thing about Beverlee McKinsey. It's a good question. I don't know.

I don't think VW bothered to submit herself for Emmy consideration after a certain point. It wouldn't surprise me if that was the case with Beverlee as well -- I don't know how any Emmy voter could have looked at a scene with her and thought, "Nah, she doesn't merit attention."

On 9/25/2021 at 1:56 PM, Franko said:

That actress playing Mary Lou looks so familiar ... It's not Frances Conroy, is it?

If not, it's an exact double. 

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5 hours ago, FrenchBug82 said:

Inspired by Joseph's comment in the Unpopular Opinion thread... why do we think that Victoria W. was so consistently snubbed by the Emmys (only got nominated in 78/79 and then twenty years of nothing)?

I think that Victoria Wyndham and Beverlee McKinsey's nominations in 1978 and 1979 canceled each other out by the Academy voters.  The ironic thing was that in both those years, they were beat by another AW actress that was nominated in the lead actress category.  Laurie Heineman as Sharlene Frame in 1978 and Irene Dailey as Liz Matthews in 1979.

i can think of 3 distinct times that Wyndham should have at least been nominated for an Emmy: in 1989-90 for the reveal of Iris as the Chief, Mac's death and aftermath, and her showdown with Vicky right before the Cory Publishing board meeting; in 1992-93 if she submitted herself for supporting actress, which she was, for Felicia's alcoholism storyline and the scene where she confronts Felicia at her intervention she would have won that Emmy- it was excellent; in 1993-94 where she leaves Bay City after everyone believed that Mac was part of the crooked rainforest deal, moves to New York City under her maiden name Rachel Davis, befriends Loretta, and is romanced by Carl.

The 1995 scenes as Rachel and Justine would not have gotten her a nomination because Justine was so over the top and such a cartoonish villain.

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