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Another World

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Damn. Another World was most definitely an innovator when it came to soaps.

  • First to expand to an hour
  • Only soap to be 90 minutes
  • Only soap to have TWO spinoffs
  • Was originally intended to be a spinoff to World Turns
  • First soap [i think] to use marginalized credits
  • First soap [i think] to do next day previews

Were they the only soaps to ever do a preview of what was to occur that day before the show started?

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Interesting to watch these in hindsight. Some of the scenes eg Russ and Kit were draggy.

And Jamie and Rick looked so skinny (the baggy clothes and shaggy hair doesn't help) No way would today's leading men get away with bodies like those.

And the same for some of the women,who were a little lacking 'upstairs' by today's standards.

Were Rachel's clothes awful even back then?

Blaine really stood out- Laura Malone really had something.

L Virginia Browne had some good ideas but things like Jamie/Marianne and Blaine/Joey seem forced.

Wasn't this the 2nd time Jamie came home married to a woman Rachel hated?

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Really? For years, that cover always seems to pop up whenever I've done a BM search. I must say though, that's the clearest picture of it that I've ever seen. Her skin is like porcelain. I once read a fan encounter, someone who sat next to her on a flight, and they said the very same.

Whenever I see that BM/VW cover, I think, "This must have been the year that Annie Hall came out."

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