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Maybe that little snippet of Harry Bellaver explains why Ernie was killed off.Perhaps he was having trouble remembering his lines?

Everyone was satisfied with VW as Rachel so at no point was there any talk of Strasser returning.

However, there has been mention of BM returning to AW in 84, but she didn't relish the trip to Brooklyn each day and turned down the offer.

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What did everyone think of the original Carl/Rachel romance?


 I realize it kind of turned into everything and the kitchen sink thrown at them later, but I've been watching old clips and I've been really touched at how carefully that initial coming together seemed to be handled.


I'm really curious to hear what fans who watched it in real time thought.

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I enjoyed them as when I started watching, I really didn't know much of their backstory; however, I grew to understand why long-term AW fans were offended by the romance. Carl had done too much to Rachel and Mac for her just to fall into a romance with him. I do think that they built them up well enough to win over a bulk of the fans, who'd originally protest the romance. 

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