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Jupiter Moon

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Have any of you ever seen this? It was a British space show/soap opera which was made around 1990.



The show is often dismissed as being juvenile, but what I saw on Netflix I enjoyed. They have a better grasp of storytelling than many shows on at the moment, with some very strong story arcs which bring in the whole cast. They have a complex group of characters, and there is no "good" or "evil". Even the most negative characters can be heroic. They also manage to weave characters in and out, replacing them believably, bringing them back if need be.

My favorites were Mercedes (played by Anna Chancellor, who went on to appear in Four Weddings in a Funeral), who was a strong, complex woman, Jean-Francois, who always seemed to have the worst possible timing, and Fimbow Lewis, a dreamer who somehow managed to love both adventure and procedure and put up with the insufferable captain who called him "My old fiend."

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Haven't seen it but I've heard of it. Always thought it sounded interesting. Leave it to the Brits to come up with a clever idea like a soap opera set in the future.

I didn't know it was on Netflix, might add it now!

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Someone has uploaded all the episodes. Enjoy them while you can! It's a very underrated show. 


(I also love the background music on it)


Lucy Benjamin, Lisa on Eastenders, also appeared in most of the episodes. 



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