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Glee: Discusion Thread

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On 7/13/2020 at 7:52 PM, All My Shadows said:

Lea Michele deleted her Twitter because people were harassing her about not tweeting about Naya's disappearance, which is the type of disgusting behavior that only social media can bring out in people. Amber Riley said it best, "No one owes anyone online a performance of grief."


I will never understand wacko tv viewers.  They are owed a piece of a celebrities life, they need to know what's going on and you better make a statement when they think you should.  Unreal!


However, I have no problem with Lea reaping what she has sewn.  The woman is an absolute monster.  She has threatened people's jobs on a regular basis.  Been nasty to folks and made sure others were nasty to them.  Created a severely hostile work environment for people who relied on their jobs.  Imagine your first job in the industry is so bad you have to rethink your entire career because of one person.  Why should Lea get a reprieve?  She doesn't owe a statement on Nia but I don't care if folks trash her about it.  Lea can see how it feels.  She doesn't get to be a terror but her punishment is on hold for whatever reason.  Every single day, for the foreseeable, future, Lea should feel what she put others thru.  Every day!  


I, in no way, want her so stressed that it harms her unborn child but I do want her to suffer and remember what it feels like to be bullied.  

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Nah, I can’t agree with that at all. This is a real tragedy for Ms. Rivera’s family, friends, and coworkers. It has nothing at all to do with LM or the type of person she is or what she did. I doubt any of the people actually personally affected by her nastiness care one way or the other whether or not she posted anything about Naya’s disappearance. If they do, they have enough tact to know better than to make it about that. She’ll reap what she sows when it is about her reaping when she sows.

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