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Christmas Closing - 1997

Created by

Frank & Doris Hursley

Executive Producer

Wendy Riche

Directed by

Alan Pultz

Written by

Robert Guza, Jr.

Michele Val Jean

Janet Iacobuzio

Mary Ryan

Patrick Mulcahey

Courtney Simon

Garin Wolf

Elizabeth Korte


Patrick Mulcahey

Sr. Supervising Producer

Julie Hanan Carruthers


Carol Scott

Consulting Producer

Shelley Curtis

Coordinating Producer

Marty Vaghts

Associate Producer

Lisa Levenson

Associate Directors

Ron Cates

Christine Rosine Magarian

Casting Director

Mark Teschner C.S.A

Production Designer

Matthew C. Jacobs

Art Director

Daniel Proett

Assistant Art Directors

Jim Jones

Kara Conrad

Wade Battley

Production Associates

Brooke Eaton

Jeffrey Rabin

Script Continuity

Elizabeth Korte

Production Continuity

Kari Ardolino

Production Coordinators

Deborah A. Genovese

Denise Van Cleave

Production Assistant

Stephanie Cooper

Associate Casting Director

Gwen Hillier

Casting Coordinator

Michelle Murray

Camile St. Cyr

Writer's Assitant

David Goldschmid

Nathan Fissell

Jim Morgan

Assitant to the Executive Producer

Susan Brandes

Production Managers

John McElveney

Bob Piatak

Business Manager

Hilda Recio

Accounting Coordinator

Maricela Gavida

Property Master

Joe Chang

Techinal Managers

Randy Hooper

Phil Angerhofer

Technical Directors

John Cochran

Averill Perry

Jim Ralston

Al DeLagarza

Lighting Directors

Mark Boxbaum

Roger Dalton

Tom Markle


Terry Fountain

Jan Hoag

Elyse Pecora

Richard Cottrell

Sound Effects

Sandy Masone

Sylvia Almstadt

Music Mixer

Gary Bressler

Senior Video

Chuck Pharis

Charles Barrett


Ron Brookes

Dale Carlson

D.J. Diomedes

Harlie Outler

Dale Walsh

Blair White

Boom Operators

Fred Fryrear

Dick Haverick

Post Production Editors

Donald Smith

Fritz Curtis

Brian D. Rosner

PEter Fillmore

Mary Ann Benson

Videotape Recording

Miguel Cancino

Jaun Fernandez

Eddie Joseph

Daniel Viveros

Electronic Maintenance

Cas Anchette

Nelson Dearborn

Glenn Wolf

Don Tafton

Stage Managers

Craig McManus

Kathy Ladd

Douglas Hayden

Costume Designers

Bob Miller, C.D.G.

Steve Howard

Nancy L Konrardy

Costume Supervisors

Crystal Craft

Len Marcus

Phil Wayne

Emelle Holmes

Linda Kenmore

Alex Bates

Alice Volonino


Donna Messina Armogida

Cyndilee Rice


Robin Rollins

Kimber Lee Anderson

Original Music by

Marty Davich

Music Directors

R.C. Cates

Mike Dobson

Theme Music "Faces of the Heart" by

Dave Koz

Jeff Koz

Jack Urbont

Performed by

Dave Koz

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