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Okay - this is real.



The usual drumbeat about 60 is beside the point here - if he can get these changes, and a lot of them seem mostly acceptable, and perhaps get the bill renamed the "Joe Manchin Is Not A Racist You Filthy Libs Bill", I believe he'll pass it with reconciliation or some sort of wedge. This is a big deal.


Meanwhile, I've always had issues with Kaitlan Collins and the gotcha Beltway Kids:



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Posted (edited)
25 minutes ago, Toups said:

I’m not American, so I’m wondering how you can vote without any ID?  Don’t you need some kind of proof to show who you say you are? lol

The challenge in the US is that each state sets their election laws so it's not the same across the country. Each state has their own rules for voting including ID. I live in Illinois and we do not have to present an ID at the time we vote. We do signature matching at the time of voting, which is harder to fake than an ID.   And there is no universal voting ID so many of the rules in place in states for example that want to discourage certain demographics from voting put stringent voter ID requirements in place and limit the types of ID's that are acceptable.  In Texas for example you can use your Gun ID card but not a Student ID.


And ID's cost money in many cases. Not everyone can afford or even get to a place to get an acceptable ID. In 2016 there was a story in Wisconsin about a 90 year old black woman that could not vote. Why? They just put in a voter ID law and she had none of the required ID's. And the only way for her to get for example a state ID was to get her birth certificate. She was born in Mississippi at home how many years ago. She had no certificate. And the only way for her to get one was to travel back to Mississippi to file for one. No she could not do it by mail. So a woman who had voted for the last 40 plus years could not vote in 2016. This is not by accident. These laws again are put in to discourage people that fit a certain profile from voting.

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28 minutes ago, MichaelGL said:

^Thank goodness he was never the Democratic nominee or front runner in the general election. Yikes what a trainwreck that would've been.


He was a paper thin candidate backed up by a cult who don't really exist outside of social media. Many of his big donors were conservative figures who seemed to jump to Eric Adams when he became a frontrunner. I'm tired of these  cult figures. I saw a tweet earlier today literally comparing him with Jesus on the cross. 


In other SCOTUS news, as expected, the Catholic adoption charity in Philly that doesn't want to deal with lgbtq foster parents won. The ruling was unanimous, which was slightly more of a surprise, but was, as mentioned here, a hostage situation - Amy Covid Barrett and Kavanaugh both said they just want a better case to strike down the main law, and the other three hatemongers were already all for it. 



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Any extra cash you have, please consider McAuliffe here in Virginia.  Youngkin the Trumpkin is going to ride whatever he can to get in office, from the claim that he 'flipped eggs' to pull himself up by the bootstraps and soon it will undoubtedly become the flag waving only-he-is -Murican and he grew up very poor that will resonate with the crowd (you know who they are).  They'll believe it as he waxes brilliance and the plight of those who are impoverished and small-business owners from his home in Great Falls.  

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