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I do believe there is an increase in Democratic voters, but as I've seen a few people say, the number of people who don't respond to surveys now + the number of people who identify as Trump first, rather than GOP first, makes the numbers feel more difficult for me to invest in.

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Twitter being Twitter, #boycottjetblue is now trending. (I approve, but it won't do anything realistically.)

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Years ago when #Brexit looked like a fait accompli, I wondered aloud (i.e. posted here) how this could adversely affect the situation between Ireland and Northern Ireland, speculating that Brexit could heighten tensions, and eventually lead to riots, that I hoped wouldn't be a new "Troubles". I still hope things won't get that far as The Troubles, but unfortunately, I was right in the other regard, with obvious tensions spilling into riots.


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12 hours ago, DRW50 said:

Another reminder that Mitt Romney Is Not Your Friend. 



And he just won the JFK Profile in Courage award.  He must still bow down to his constituents in Utah.

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I have my doubts, but given what's going on in Syria and the Ukraine, that might make it a little more likely. 

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^  That Politico story unreal. Just the very idea that Trump and McConnell could be back in power together gives me the creeping willies. I don't believe it can or will happen, but it's the stuff of nightmares.

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