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The fat, ugly drunk who has a very disturbing relationship with his "son" may be moving from one attention whore platform to another.



If he is, then this is even more embarrassing for deadenders like Ro Khanna who would yuk it up with him in the name of "bipartisanship."

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Major is a rescue dog and probably not used to the bustle of Washington. I love those dogs, but I hope he can adjust and I'd hate to see him relegated to Delaware.


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Seems that those QAnon crazies are disappointed that no instances of child trafficking (or human trafficking of any kind) were found on the EverGiven container ship. What depraved people.


Speaking of depraved people, another Republican touts initiatives that he voted against.

And gets lots of pushback for it on Twitter.


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All rescue dogs tend to have some rocky stuff in their past. I can imagine he is unusually sensitive to new people coming and going.


I don't think the Bidens will give him up; it's a teachable moment for Americans, similar to how it resonated when he shot back at Trump bashing Hunter for his addictions, etc. during the second debate and said he was proud of his son in spite of his struggles. That apparently scored very big with women and families in a way I wasn't totally expecting. This is a much much smaller scale thing of course, but it can teach people something about animal ownership with rescues and how it is an ongoing process. That being said, it is entirely possible they will keep him in Delaware long-term with the family. I hope it doesn't come to that, but it may be what's best for him. I do suspect he will go away for more training, but who knows. Either way, America is clearly fully behind Major:



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So Republicans again are (likely) guilty of heinous s-h-i-t that they continuously accuse Democrats of. Shocking. I say let Matt Gaetz and Tucker Carlson cannibalize each other. It's like watching dueling piranhas.

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