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I do think giving people monthly tax credit payments for children is a great idea. Monthly installments are better than a lump sum, imo. I was reading how this will cut child poverty by 50%. I really hope we can end up making this permanent at least for the poorest among us. The additional SNAP money is great too.


And since I really have a heart for single people trying to make it in this world, I'm happy about the unemployment insurance and rent assistance too. I lived alone in San Francisco a good part of my 20's and I hate to think of what people in that situation are going through now, if they've lost their job.

4 minutes ago, JaneAusten said:

This is another opportunity. For states that have had no expansion, put it on the ballot and let people vote on it in places like Texas and Florida.  

It was voted for in NE and the governor has been delaying as much as possible ever since. At least it really shows their true colors and refusal to implement the will of the people.

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I think the shít Manchin tried to pull re: anti-trans bathroom bills is reprehensible. That being said, he has signaled an investment in passing the Voting Rights Act recently which will require killing the filibuster. Between that and this, it's a lot to think about. I despise a lot of his behavior but I understand why we need his vote.



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This is actually a big, big deal - everything lately indicates he is prepared to pass HR1 and reform the filibuster in major ways even if that means not killing it outright for now:



Jentleson knows his shít. I despise many things about Joe Manchin and his behavior in the last week, but he's not stupid. And this is what we will need his vote for, however scummy.


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6 minutes ago, Faulkner said:




Disappointed but understand.  People are paging Claire McCaskill. I pass on that. Remember she lost her race and IMO went into panic mode towards of the end of her campaign by endorsing Trump's caravan nonsense.

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Manchin is shít in many ways but he's no fool. Here is another clear signal from him, after vocally backing both HR1 and filibuster reform in the last two weeks:



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Joe Manchin, re: filibuster: "I just want to make sure the minority is heard."


The minority was heard on Election Day...when they lost.  Ergo, what they want, or don't want, in each piece of legislation that crosses their way should be irrelevant.

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