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I try not to get too hung up on "decency" stuff because I'm reminded of all the times we were told how kind and loving W was in spite of all the blood on his hands, but I do think this was a profoundly kind moment for Biden, especially as Dole endorsed Trump.



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The SCOTUS decision on Old Orange face's taxes come as no surprise. Gorsuch, Kavanaugh and Coney Barrett may be 45's plants but they certainly don't want to be seen as 45's pigeons, especially by their SCOTUS colleagues with whom they must work with.


Having missed the spirit of "Fat Tuesday", I hope to soon be able to say "Laissez le bon temps roulez" for the SDNY.

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While I have no illusions about The Lincoln Project, they continue to pump out some pretty awesome commercials:



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A look at the upcoming, crippling voter suppression laws in Georgia. The journalist, sadly like many political journalists on Twitter, tried to be "down" and ended up confusing many people with his wording - the legislation is not being dropped, it is going forward.



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While, my Wi-Fi and phone battle for loading supremacy, can people please refer to a bill as a bill and not a law? Also, if something is being unveiled and it has yet to even pass one side of a legislature, isn't it really still a proposal?

I'm not dismissing the severity of the threat but I saw this happen often in the buildup to the general election and the GA Senate runoff and it had the air of inevitability that, thankfully was in error.


Words do have meaning.

Let's not call something what it isn't, until it is.

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    • There is this weird denial about what is going on. Cases are rising again and some variants are more communicable and infect younger people at a greater rate than the original virus. Good lord, Michigan is in a state of complete disaster. But sure, let's open up when we should probably be closing down again.   I've been volunteering at a nursing home and you wouldn't believe (actually, I know you would) how many people give me flak about needing to mask up if they want to hug their elderly relation. I admit, the rules are a lot like prison visitation. A thirty second masked hug before and after the 20 min visit. But it's like people seem not to understand that even if they are vaccinated a variant could break through and infect all these vulnerable elderly people before anyone realizes it's happening. This pandemic is not over.
    • @Mr. Vixen It's really good. I like it.
    • Wait... So on top of Queen Giner, Lydiot is gone too? The dumbest but most entertaining villain in RH? That's me out. Sorry, but Shine Shine Shine can't make up for the loss of Gina and Lydia.
    • Miguel from Brazil. @Faulkner @Soapsuds @AbcNbc247 Please register in order to view this content
    • First...*waves @Mr. Vixen* and congrats on the next book.   I think...it's Brenda so what could go wrong? Please register in order to view this content   But seriously, it is a great concept. And ohhh how my mind sees so many angles and what you wrote. I would love to see a series like this.   As for me...I might have to chew on what I would do as a spinoff for a spell...:) 
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