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17 minutes ago, dragonflies said:

Poor kid, I feel bad for him, he turned his dad in and his dad said that traitors get killed :(






This tweet is from that young man.


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8 hours ago, Vee said:

I remember when they began running these walking the dog ads with Warnock - I think I saw one literally the day after the election. People pooh-poohed Warnock's chances then, but I thought those ads, showing him as just another American walking his little dog, were strong and would make an impact. I was more right than I knew.




Yeah, but you know this is gonna come back to bite him (sorry, Alvin) come re-election time.  "How can you trust a Senator," they'll say, "who would even lie about having a dog?".

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58 minutes ago, DRW50 said:


I knew there was a reason I never liked her. Non-acting, squeaky flop.

You guys are just finding now  that she's a Republican?? She was in the final 3 along with Elisabeth Hasselbeck (who got the job) and Rachel Campos (Real World) when the View was searching for a young conservative co-host  to replace the progressive Lisa Ling back in 2003. I used to watch the View frequently back then and it's hard to believe that was 18 years ago.

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Senate must convict him in the impeachment trial.

Otherwise he'll try to fill news cycles for the next four years with his third party run.

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16 minutes ago, ReddFoxx said:

Who is that?


She played Alison Barrington briefly on GH in 2000 and 2013.  She was a main character on Port Charles (same character).

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Even if the Senate doesn't convict him at the impeachment trial -- and IMO, there's a good chance they won't -- I STILL support splintering the GOP into two parties.  Trump and the Patriot Party could fill the news cycles for the next four years and beyond.  However, as I've said upthread, breaking up the GOP like this would only help the Democrats, as I doubt either party (the "Establishment" GOP or the new "Patriot Party") would grow much beyond their established bases.


If anything, I think the Patriot Party would flounder quickly, due to a combination of lack of fundraising support and overall incompetence in running a political campaign.  Many Trump supporters were elected to positions of leadership in local, state and federal government, but only because they had the GOP's considerable financial and other resources.  Once they're on their own, all that goes away.

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