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2 hours ago, Khan said:


In a way, it doesn't matter to me whether Joe Biden and Kamala Harris are able to keep all their promises that they made to voters during the campaign.  I'm just happy to have decency and dignity back in the WH.  We need those things (and more!) now more than ever.

Me either. I've come to see campaign "promises" as simply a vision of what the candidates would like to do, if possible.  What a relief to have people in office who aren't going to lie every time they open their mouths.

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4 hours ago, DramatistDreamer said:

Anyone who missed any part of today should visit the Biden Inaugural Committee channel on YouTube, it's probably going to be archived there, but I make no promises on how long.

Thank you. :) 

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You know, it really galls me that, after everything Trump has done (or not done) these past four years to place us in mortal jeopardy, he tells us to "have a good life."  I mean, who does he think he is?  Maeve Ryan?


Ugh.  So glad he is out of the damn office.

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Did we all see Joe bouncing his grandson on his arm (named for Beau) and dancing with him during the very cheesy musical number at the end of that lovely inaugural special? My God, I can't imagine Trump ever interacting with his grandchildren.



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This is good for us, in that it may actually compel Manchin's hand to agree to abolish the filibuster. That is not a take from Beltway neophytes unfamiliar with Manchin, it's the actual working calculus.

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On 1/19/2021 at 10:32 PM, Juliajms said:

I hope Biden/Harris spend as little time as possible together in public after tomorrow.  At least We know NP and Leahy are on the side of right.


You're referring to Nancy Pelosi as Speaker and Patrick Leahy as President Pro Temp of the Senate ...

But I'm not following your train of thought regarding Biden and Harris. What do you mean?


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I really do not get this obsession with keeping the filibuster. It's a relic and the purpose it served no longer exists. If GOP senators who CLAIM to be moderate support this nonsense then get rid of it and move on. I highly doubt there is even a working contingent of GOP senators that actually want to work for the people..


Americans don't give a damn about the filibuster we want congress to work.

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