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At this point McConnell likely doesn't want or need 4 more years of Trump. He does need to drag this out until the Georgia runoffs, so he will placate him - and endanger this country - for as long as possible. 


It can't be said enough that we can't let people forget what's going on. We can't let this be normalized. Similar to the Typhoid Amy situation, it's not about just saying "hypocrite!" It's about holding these people accountable and using their same tricks to thwart them.

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3 hours ago, wingwalker said:

Like that is going to stop people from jumping ship. Threatening firing only going to encourage people. It gives you a 76 day head start in looking for a new job... 


I know. I'm sure they're terrified. 😝😂

2 hours ago, Khan said:


AFAIC, Donald and Melania deserve each other.  ;) 


They do, but I don't think anyone would blink if she jumped ship as well. Was there ever a more disengaged, sullen, bored and frosty First Lady in American history? 

7 hours ago, ChitHappens said:

Not sure about the rest of you, but I'd love to see Trump physically removed from the WH.  


@ChitHappens, pull up a chair 6 feet away from me and I'll bring the popcorn. 🍿😁

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When one of the most American of companies is doing this, you know the rest of the U.S. auto industry is just waiting for a change in the White House to do the same.



Ominous sign for the Trump legal team?

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1 hour ago, amybrickwallace said:

How could Trump ever drain the swamp? He IS the swamp!!


Exactly.  And God designated HIM to be the savior of children everywhere?  I realize God, in the Bible, sometimes used bad dudes to carry out His will, but COME. ON.



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Why is the Lincoln Project trying to siphon off money that should be going directly to these campaigns? 


Ossoff and Warnock's campaigns, I meant.

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Meh this is all to keep people fretting so they forget about Georgia. Keep your eye on the ball and help with those elections. Write Postcards, Phonebank, Textbank, Donate - anything to help. McConnell wants those senate seats more than anything. Good to see the internal fighting with the GOP with those 2 dunces running for the GOP mad that the GOP Sec and State and Gov there did not rig their elections.

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It's a distraction, but also a long-term effect to corrode more trust in voting and to delegitimize Biden's win. And it's working.



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