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2 hours ago, DRW50 said:

This fits with a lot of what you hear about Florida's Democratic Party (for years now) - and is one of the reasons I've felt the national party may be better off just writing the state off, if possible.



The Florida Democratic Party has had years to get their a** in gear. I agree with you on Florida. Until the democrats take Florida seriously and invest forget it.


I have a friend who is of Puerto Rican descent. Her family is evangelical Christian and she talked about how hard it's been to get her family to see how toxic the GOP is. She's broken from one family member over politics. BUT she has regularly said the democrats needs to stop treating Latinos/as as a monolith.  In Florida in particular when people were celebrating the fact that PR's who moved to Florida would sway the election to democrats, she was cautious. The GOP in Florida is smart and have programs in place to help PR's coming into the state. People remember that. The democrats - nothing. I don't really understand what the issue is with democrats in Florida but it's never ending.



I have a ton of faith in Stacey Abrams but I agree about Georgia. Unless the democrats have the senate, HR1 will never come to the floor and this is the only way we can fix our elections and gerrymandering.   If the GOP has mapping control in those states as they will based on the 2020 election we can again write off those states for another 10 years and probably indefinitely since we now have a further slanted court. The democrats might end up with a 10 seat advantage and considering everything that is NOTHING. This is what minority control feels like and no I don't think this is a center right or center left country. We are down the middle with a media which regularly slants towards the right.

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It is going to be very difficult to win both GA seats.  They are going to have to use many different strategies.

I just read this morning that the tax bill that was passed in 2017, will INCREASE taxes for those making less than $75k starting next year and every two years after that until 2027 when they will be paying more taxes than they were from the start. So it was a tax increase dressed up as a tax cut for bottom 65%, while the wealthy get to keep their enormous tax cuts.  I don’t know if there is an easy way to explain this to GA voters.  I assume the House Democrats have signed a bill to cancel this and it is sitting in an enormous dusty pile on McConnell’s desk.  So disgusting how the Republicans continue to screw the poor and working class, but how many may blame Biden because the increase will come next year (and you know they planned it that way).

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Various Republican officials continue to join Trump's bogus lawsuits. It would be easy to say that this is down to wanting to help him, or Russian influence, or what have you, but many of them know he will lose but are working long-term to give more power back to gerrymandered extremist activist right wing legislatures to help them rig elections in 2022, 2024, and far beyond.



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Like that is going to stop people from jumping ship. Threatening firing only going to encourage people. It gives you a 76 day head start in looking for a new job... 

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3 hours ago, Gray Bunny said:

wifey will divorce him by springtime for sure. 


AFAIC, Donald and Melania deserve each other.  ;) 

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