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It occurs to me: Wait or not, so far this is Election Night 2016 Day 3 for those filth, and it's so good.



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2 minutes ago, BetterForgotten said:

John King of CNN just basically said they won’t call the race because they’re afraid of what Trump might say.


This bullshit network...

I was watching....He knows people are tired of the bull...They r reading social media



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Oh Canada, will anyone listen to you. I gave up and turned it off the news stations, I was hoping PBS would interrupt what I have on if it does get called. 

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51 minutes ago, Khan said:


The true architect of the 2020 Presidential Election: the late James E. Reilly.  #NowItCanBTold




Actually, @Khan, 2020 in its entirety sounds like it was written by Reilly. All this stuff would have been right in his wheelhouse.

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John King is Republican trash.




Wallace just said Trump winning is mathematically impossible and that Kornacki should've been allowed to call things two days ago.

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23 minutes ago, Vee said:

Think we might be nearing the cliff.


No, Trump's followers are nearing the cliff.  We're just nearing the end (God willing).

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This [!@#$%^&*] was orchestrated by Trump from the start and the networks are eating it up and playing right into it as they always do.


Right to the end, the networks care more about the ratings Trump can bring to them rather than instilling confidence in the most sacred of democratic rights.

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