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NYT is at it again, with much of the media ready and eager to try to find a new "gaffe" to tut-tut at.



They will do or say anything to finalize a fascist takeover in this country. They lied their way into a war that killed millions. They did everything they could to help Trump in 2016. And here they are again. That paper is an enemy of democracy, and should be treated as one.It's time for any Democrat who has any desire to rebuild the country to start ignoring and isolating that tattered toilet paper, starting today. 


Tina Brown's old tabloid site isn't any better, just much more irrelevant.



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I keep seeing some say "it's not fair to question, they're impartial!" to try to shame, but Trump questioned these numbers for years and no one cared. You can't have it both ways. There's no reason to trust anything from this administration. 

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Actual number of jobs added, at what wages and in what industries will always be a far more accurate indicator of who is working and who is not in the U.S. than the "unemployment" metric, where demographics are always left off or fall through the cracks, because they are under-reported, or simply not reported at all.


Even having said this, black and Asian unemployment ROSE. How is the current occupant of the White House going to spin that in his pitch to black voters?

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Bunker bitch invoked George Floyd in praising the new economy numbers! I just cannot get over what a freaking MORON we have in office.

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We're back to the hells of 2004-2006. I'm already seeing "don't out him, don't be homophobic," so I know how this will go.


He's a horrible man, and the truth is he was always a horrible man, long before Trump. If he uses this to get sympathy I will retch. 

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JMO... Outing people is not cool. No matter how much you dislike the person being outed. Don't be involved in this bullying behavior. What ever happened to "when they go low, we go high?"

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3 hours ago, juppiter said:

What ever happened to "when they go low, we go high?"


Frankly, wherever it's gone to, it needs to stay there.


Don't get me wrong, I agree that outing closeted homosexuals -- ANY closeted homosexuals -- is behavior we should not engage in or condone.  However, this whole when-they-go-low business has turned political moderates into mealy-mouthed wimps.  It has fostered this exasperating need for purity and "cancel culture" that, IMO, is greatly responsible for where we are at this moment; with Democrats forced to pin their hopes (for their fractured party, and for the sake of this country) on the likes of Joe Biden; and Republicans riding a continued high on the greasy backsides of Neo-Nazis, soccer moms and gun-loving rubes. 


Right now, at this moment, our leaders are having their finest hour, turning this country into a literal police state; and that's because, whenever the left has attempted to call them out on their blatant hypocrisies, all the right has had to do is point one finger back, say "Blah blah butheremail cakes," and then the left has another several seats without even being asked.  It doesn't help matters any either when the "mainstream media" and the social media networks, who could and should be our allies, are instead in the metaphorical tank for our bullies within the GOP, because they're so scared of losing audiences who otherwise wouldn't bother.


And I say all that as a self-identified moderate who will "vote blue" in November.

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