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I don't really want to create a thread for this since I don't think it will generate much traffic, but Pure Flix, the Christian alternative to Netflix, has released the first eight episodes of its Christian soap opera, HILTON HEAD ISLAND. Pure Flix offers a 1-month free subscription. 


I can't really say I'm overly impressed, and I'm a fan of 'bad' soap opera. The overall production is fairly lifeless. Despite some big names (Donna Mills, Antonio Sabato, Jr.), the overall acting and storytelling are as bad as the greenscreen sets. I could overlook the greenscreen if the story was stronger, but it is all so vanilla. The only characters who show a shred of being interesting are being kept on the sidelines. These characters are Aaron Fergland, the African American news director who was raised along the wealthy white Trisk kids when his mother became their maid. Aaron, we are told, was on the path to being a hoodlum before Daniel Trisk (Michael Swan) took him under his wing. The potential conflict with this non-biological son and his other two sons, the subtly named Christian and Jude, could lead to something as could the relationship between Aaron and his wife Naomi, who works in the mayor's office and has chosen her job over starting a family. The other character of note is Chance Montgomery, a New York newsman who Victoria Trisk (Donna Mills) is trying to lure back to Hilton Head Island to assume Daniel's place in business and in Victoria's bed.


Crystal Hunt does an above average job as the doctor daughter, Elisha, who returns to town when her father falls ill, but has little to do. Antonio Sabato, Jr. squabbles a lot with the other characters as the 'bad' brother Jude, but has no real definition. None of the newcomers stand out other than the characters mentioned above. Some of it is weak acting, a lot of it is underdeveloped writing, but most of it is just lack of an interesting driving story. With so many characters and so little time, a quicker, snappier narrative would help. 


The religious piece isn't overwhelming. Wink Martindale has appeared twice as the local pastor in the first five episodes I saw. Only one of his two appearances had a heavy religious bent. Mostly, characters say grace before eating and pray for their loved ones in times of crisis. Nothing too heavy handed. 


I wouldn't necessarily recommend this, but there are suppose to be two more sets of episodes released to bring the show up to 22 episodes. Things could improve for the better, or for the worse. 

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