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Have you seen the masters for Dynasty on DVD? They were done very well. As for the price…its 83 dollars but right now Shout Factory has a pre-Valentine sell and the Colbys comes out to 70 dollars with free shipping. Thats 35 dollars a season.

No I havent but blurays are always more expensive than DVDs. The pricing would have been more understandable had it been bluray but its DVDs, which makes it too expensive IMO. I dont care how good the quality is. $35/season is too expensive

I think the rationale behind the argument that TC hurt DYN was that the writers' attention was too split and their creativity got thinly spread over two shows already after several seasons of DYN. For me, TC is just different enough to get away with apparently recycled stories/characters. The similarities are clear, but it is titled Dynasty II so that's expected and why would they abandon their successful formula that won them a spin-off to begin with? I'm really pleased that DYN brought over TC characters in season 9, a brilliant move.

The Colbys had the same writers? Wow, that didnt seem like a wise decision in hindsight

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I didn't know Rick Edelstein was involved with this show.

Poor Barbara Stanwyck, trying and failing to muster up the right absurdist camp for this fading genre.

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Chris B   

To me, The Colbys was better than the majority of Dynasty. The only part of this franchise I consider good are the first two seasons of Dynasty, The Colbys and the final season of Dynasty. The rest is somewhat enjoyable camp, but a total disaster. It amazes me just how bad the writing got at some points. Still, I'm glad they released this so I finally have a reason to buy the entire series.

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