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Any Capitol Fans Here?


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For the 39th anniversary of the primetime premiere of Capitol I thought it would be fun to revisit the TV Guide artwork for the CBS ad.   In comparison to Photoshop work in modern ads, this looks like hieroglyphics.  But, here's challenge: If this was the cover of a novelization of the script of Capitol who do you think they were trying to depict?




I'm going with Tyler and Julie as the central couple, Sam & Myrna in the upper left, and Mark & Paula in the upper right.  The woman running in sunglasses (and Ice skates?) may have been Clarissa (in the premiere scene where she is almost run over by Trey's limo while jogging)  And the woman in the bottom right would be Sloane (if she was played by Susan Keith).

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Awful drawings, I’m drawing a total loss besides Tyler and Julie in the center. I will agree with you that upper right seems most like Mark and Paula, and Paula’s actual debut was months to come. She was just the mysterious unseen agoraphobe up in her suite playing her harpsichord in the pilot movie.

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