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Nope. She was still on. She left around November 1981. This was likely the spring of 1981. Ryan and Ginny were in love but their relationship was complicated by Barrett's return. Barrett was psychologically unstable. I think Barrett was written out in June 1981 though resurfaced briefly a few months later. Interestingly, Stephen Newman also played Mike Marshall, the father of the Marshall kids when Texas was introduced on Another World in the summer of 1980. Mike committed suicide.

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When TBS started airing the show in half hour segments in 1983 at 11.35 am following The Catlins, there was talk that if it proved to be a success, the show might go back into production.

Did that run start with the first episode? If deemed a success, how would the reruns mesh with new episodes?

The Catlins was reported as rating a 1.2 and P&G were looking for similar numbers for Texas.

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Does anyone know who played :

Cyrus Blanchard Texas millionaire, October 1982

Mr. Hampton, Father of Jeb and Ginny October 1980

Randy Jones, singing star, Feb. 1982

Katie Marshall baby

Det. Meadows, police officer, August 1982

Hud Richards, race car driver, Feb. 1982

Does anyone know who these actors appeared as:

Ernie Garrett [other than Mark Wheeler]

Darby Howe

Daniel Keyes

David Sederholm

Patricia Tallmam

Susan Willis

Thanks for any input!

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Does anyone know if these actors really appeared on Texas on the Stella Stanton [Virginia Graham] show:

Kaye Ballard

Katherine Helmond

Willard Scott

Rip Taylor

Phyllis Diller

and...Dick Cavett

I read an article that they were scheduled to appear, but I had never known about the show within a show having a guest panel.

Thanks in advance to anyone with info!

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