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"I know I have a complex personality, but very simple needs and I keep them that way."

Same here. Although I don't consider myself lonely (I have, after all, close family and select friends) I decided long ago to live alone, b/c I know I'd be hell to live with. (Just ask my parents, lol.) All I ask for in return are a place of my own (nothing fancy, mind you, just something that's mine) and a chance to make a living at something I can feel proud about.

And a silver fox coat would be nice, too. ;-)

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Just another treat from saynotoursoap. I thought this was such a nice finale. The scenes with Justin and his baby daughter were especially moving - can you imagine any soap today having a scene like that with a father and child? He would barely make eye contact and this would be seen as a big statement.

It's always strange seeing Vivien without Iris. Never quite works.

I also liked the ending for Judith - her schemes failing, but she still has some dignity.

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I barely reply to anything- I am a reader and have enjoyed reading everyones excitement over the shows we loved that are no longer with us.

Having been brought up with mostly CBS soaps- I found an admiration for Texas, Edge of Night, and Search For Tomorrow while AOL gave us some great consecutive episodes. I feel all three were left at points that us viewers wanted more.

I have read about Edge and Search not being readily available right now, but what I find odd is that nothing has been said about any tapes of Texas or where they are located.

Those of us that did follow on AOL watched the rough period of starting out and here it is 4 years later and I for one am waiting for the continuation.

I know everything can't be done at once- I am thoroughly enjoying the releases of As The World Turns and Guiding Light on dvd and the streaming episodes of As The World Turns (I stopped watching at the end of 2004) and having the opportunity to watch these is like gold.

I am just inquiring to all my other cancelled soap opera friends- Is there an interest to finish the run of Texas possibly streaming along with As The World Turns and Guiding Light?

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If you have any access to episodes after AOL left of and are on youtube I would greatly appreciate some links to clips or episodes. i have seen the last 4 epsiodes but as I am quoting Melroser-

I think the show had a rocky start but I remember becoming a huge fan of (then) Diane Thompson Neil (and now as Alexandra Neil) as Ruby. She made that show for me. I vaguely remember a story near the end of its run involving her, Harley Kozak, Randy Hamilton, and Mark Woods (?) in an "Indiana Jones" -style story in the caves. They were searching for something and the character of Joel had been hit over the head and left outside in the desert sun causing him to go blind? I absolutely loved that story! Does anyone have more information about that? More details on the story and was it shortly before its cancellation?

This storyline was just starting and I would really like to be able to see the rest of the series play out.

Thanks for the reply CarlD2!

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