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Imdb has millions of errors and if no one adds episodes in, it doesn't mean they weren't on.


Just look at GH' s Imdb page that says Hayley Erin and Rebecca Budig have been on in 2021 just because someone in the episode said Kiki or Hayden. Neither have. It's a resource, but not necessarily a good one for everything.

Also on GH imdb page--  What is grammar

Valentin will races to help Anna; Liz and Finn has try to make sense of everything that's happened between them, and Chase and Brook Lynn was grow closer. Meanwhile, Britt will appreciates Austin's concern for Maxie, and Willow and Michael has discuss their future


will races, has discuss????????????????????????



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Wasn't one of the major plot points at the end that Reena and Grant had a bet over profits at World Oil, and if Reena lost she had to sleep with Grant, who had just learned that Judith was faking paralysis, so now they were free to be together, but Reena had to chose whether to move to New York and try to start something with Grant?

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1 hour ago, AbcNbc247 said:

Reena estava no último episódio.

Em uma das cenas finais, ela estava em um avião se preparando para deixar o Texas e Grant apareceu para impedi-la.

A cena está no youtube 

Ok I'll search thanks, hum got a surprise yesterday I searched for Carla's episode on Charlie's Angels and found out someone posted the whole thing in YouTube if anyone got some nostalgia 

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I remember that last episode like it just aired yesterday.  1982 was a horrible year for my family and my mother and I cried like babies watching that last scene.  We loved that little soap.

Was Joel Walker (Charles Hill) related to original characters Bart and Samantha Walker and then also Reena and Victoria?

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