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Britney Spears Thread


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And has she lost every sense of movement? Can she even dance anymore?

Actually, she is still amazing to watch live.

I saw the circus tour three times, at the start, middle, and end. the start was rough, the middle she was getting back into it, and the end she was as good as she ever was (the dream within a dream tour).

A lot of people tend to think her music videos use to be all dance, and the earlier ones were, and Slave is a very dancy video, but after that she cuts back and then when she broke her knee the second time she cut back even more.

as for the video, i love it. i love the product placement, the fact that shes hard wired into this system and then the battle and the finale dance part was great.

i cant wait for the next tour!

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I thought she was horrendous on her Circus tour. Just walking around with very minimal dancing which is shameful considering how lazy her lip synching is. This new song and video don't work at all for me. The song if released by anybody else would be a mega flop and Britney no longer has anything interesting to offer. No personality. No Voice. Can't dance. What is the point?

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Not sure how I feel about the video yet.... There are parts of it that I really loved (the beginning of that wedding gown segment, when the color started getting everywhere, when she fights herself, when she falls down all colorful)

Those were my favorite parts too, especially how the wedding gown rises. I also liked the monitors showing her past videos.

I thought the video was too fast from the constant cutting.

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I thought the video was too fast from the constant cutting.

Yep, it was almost as if they purposefully didn't want to give you enough time to take in what you were seeing so you don't realize it's bad.

And it was. Those caps from the article Sylph posted... the lighting is bad, Britney looks horrible, puffed up, it's a mess.

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This one is even more pathetic than the previous one. vomit-smiley-9531.gif


I can't seem to understand why her new stuff is sounding like some late 90's forgotten pop reject hit. The fact that Ke$ha is involved is grounds enough for me to hate it as it is.

It might have been her trainwreck era, but Blackout is quite possibly the most varied work she's done.

She's never been a consistent albums or singles artist, but I think her best singles tended to be the ones people initially didn't expect from her, like Toxic and I'm A Slave 4 U, not this recycled trash Dr. Luke is throwing her way. Not even his stuff with Ke$ha or Kate Perry sounds this dated.

I'd go as far as to say she probably found her groove best with Bloodshy & Avant in terms of producers. They apparently have one song on her new album.

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