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German soaps: GZSZ, UU & AWZ

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5 hours ago, DRW50 said:

Thanks. And they aren't geoblocked, which is nice.


Very good – I wasn't sure if they were.


I think they did a very good job with casting all the roles – there doesn't seem to be a weak link. It's also interesting that most of the poor characters speak in Berlin dialect.
And we already got our "love at first sight" couple with Jenni and Tarek at the end of the 1st episode :D


Opening sequence:
Jascha, Melissa & Maria – Melissa – Maria – Jascha – Daniel (3x) – Rocko & Anja (3x) – Bea – Bea, Olaf & Tarek – Tarek (2x) – Chelsey (2x) – Mike, Jenni, Basti & Elke – Jenni – Alles oder Nichts


The end credits list the actors alphabetically, ordered by their first names and omitting any character names, which is also quite unique.


The original cast consists of the following actors:


Anna Mennicken – Jenni Neumann
Anne Brendler – Elke Neumann
Anno Kaspar Friedrich von Heimburg – Jascha Brock
Franziska Breite – Anja "Angel" Meyer
Heiko Kiesow – Axel Brock
Josephine Martz – Maria Brock
Lennart Borchert – Basti Neumann
Marc Barthel – Rocko Schwarz
Michael Krabbe – Horst Wölling
Mirco Reseg – Mike Neumann
Niki Finger – Bea Brock
Raphael Vogt – Daniel Wagner
Sarah Maria Besgen – Melissa Brock
Thomas Morris – Olaf Brock
Varol Sahin – Tarek Aliki


Four more main characters are introduced in subsequent episodes.


I really hope this show succeeds... it reminds me so much of early AWZ. (Sarah Maria Besgen would have been a perfect Jenny Steinkamp recast.)

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