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German soaps: GZSZ, UU & AWZ

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Thanks for sharing all the lovely photos. 


The hit and run story sounds like the kind of drama American and UK soaps don't know how to do now.

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Official promo video for AWZ's 3000th episode:



And two videos of Emily and Paul's wedding on GZSZ: Teaser and Backstage.




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At the beginning of the 3000th episode, AWZ will unveil its brand new opening sequence.


Again, there are two versions. The theme has not been changed (and you can see Pauline and Vanessa singing the lyrics – or in Vanessa's case, it's rather bawling).


Everyone who appears in the new opening has appeared in the previous opening as well. However, three performers who were in the previous opening were not included this time: Francisco Medina (Maximilian von Altenburg), who departed the show in April; Juliette Greco (Lena Öztürk), who's on maternity leave and last aired August 6th, 2018; and Bela Klentze (Ronny Bergmann), who came by an injury while taking part in the 11th season of "Dancing with the Stars" and last aired on May 2nd, 2018.



Version A
Order: Tatjana Clasing as Simone Steinkamp – Sam Eisenstein as Marian Öztürk – Igor Dolgatschew as Deniz Öztürk – Cheyenne Pahde as Marie Schmidt – Kaja Schmidt-Tychsen as Jenny Steinkamp – Silvan-Pierre Leirich as Richard Steinkamp –Jörg Rohde as Ben Steinkamp – Maike Johanna Reuter as Pauline Reusch – Alles was zählt


Version B
Order: Julia Augustin as Vanessa Steinkamp – Lars Korten as Christoph Lukowski – Ania Niedieck as Isabelle Pachlhuber – Tanja Szewczenko as Diana Sommer – Christian Feist as Damian Steinkamp – Tatjana Clasing as Simone Steinkamp – Silvan-Pierre Leirich as Richard Steinkamp – Heike Warmuth as Carmen Bauer – André Dietz as Ingo Zadek – Franziska Benz as Michelle Bauer – Alles was zählt


In addition, RTL launches a 4th daily drama on August 20th, 2018: "Freundinnen" (Girlfriends) airs weekdays at 5 pm, followed by "Unter uns" at 5.30 pm. The show is about 4 female friends and their daily struggles. Judging from the previews, it looks like a mixture of a soap and a sitcom. (I think I already hate it and I'm sure it won't last long.)




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