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Kim Lankford (Ginger) was interviewed on Dateline last night. They were doing a special about Robert Durst, and Kim was friends with his alleged murder victim Susan Berman. Kim herself was rumored to have once dated Durst. She wasn't mentioned as an actress, just a friend of Susan Berman's. They showed a clip of Kim with her horses, and with that red hair and smile I would have recognized her even before they said her name.

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I have been watching Knots over the past few days on DVD recordings and 2 things that I noted.



Lillimae gets on my freaking nerves after a while especially when she rides Val about Joshua and defending his bad behavior/ later death.


The Meg adoption/paternity stuff with Mac/Karen. I think they milked that storyline for all it's worth. They were upset about people finding out, Greg might want her back, Val's Book possibly mentioning it, Maree Cheatham showing up as Meg's grandmother/ Laura's real mother exposing it, then in the 1997 Cul De Sac reunion film it's brought up yet again with this time Meg wanting to know who her real father is and Mac/Karen fighting and separating over it.

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