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She wouldn't have fit in the show in the early years, because those seasons were more character-driven to a point. However, beginning with season 4, and especially with season 5, the show was much more plot-driven and became much more larger than life. It was all pretty much about the plot. That's not necessarily a bad thing. Their much vaunted-realism and character-driven storylines were much more evident the first three seasons or so. So having said that, Charlene would've been an awful shoe-horn those first few years, but would've been a better fit later on when the show went full steam ahead with OTT melodrama. I'm a huge fan of the first three seasons, and part of 4. They really tried to do something meaningful those first few years before it devolved into more typically glitzy trashy melodrama. Well-executed trashy melodrama, but trashy melodrama nonetheless.

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