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Edge of Night (EON) (No spoilers please)


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Above, it was mentioned that Stephanie Braxton probably enjoyed going from the role of Tara on All My Children to Winter #2 on The Edge of Night. (By the way, I think that she was a perfect Tara - even though Karen Gorney was my favorite performer in the role.)

It was probably also a joy to again work with Joel Crothers. They had played a married couple on The Secret Storm.

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Thanks. I've seen your posts at Daytime Royalty. Great to see you here too.

Thank you. It took me a while to get approved. I am the one posting the 1982/83 shows. GH80sfan on Youtube. I ran into trouble this morning trying to post the next TEON segment, with the music at the video Disco apparently. YT decided to delete the entire video. So there may be some heavy editing coming up or I may have to skip large chuncks. Either way I am going to try to keep the shows as uncut as possible even if I have to switch to another YT competitor....

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This must have been right before the addition of Lydia (Jane White) and Calvin (Scott Glenn).

Also, I am surprised that William Prince is listed, yet Leon Janney was not listed as Eric Barrington. Had Stephanie already been murdered by this time? And, what about Susan Forbes? Had she been introduced or already written off?

I remember that Lydia was a private nurse hired to serve patient Phil Capice. Why was Phil unable to speak or walk, etc.?

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