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Edge of Night (EON) (No spoilers please)


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That's interesting. I'm surprised he went straight to EON after High Hopes if he felt that way, unless he just needed to pay the bills. He did a good job in the role, but I hated everything about Owen. I felt like they had more plans for the character and Deborah that were dropped (no big loss there).
He did do it for the pay. He has stated in interviews that he was well paid for his work. I certainly have no problem with taking a job for money. We have all done it. I also respect his right to not hold the genre in high esteem. I do not agree with him, but it is his right to feel that way, though unfounded. He was lucky to have been on Edge, which was always well-written and the best working environment on daytime in the 70s. What does bother me is being so vocal about it. If one is an actor treated nicely by the production, for God's sake, take the money and keep your damn mouth shut. I have no problem with his acting, but he does come across as condescending and arrogant.
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I'm glad to hear the working environment was positive. There's such a great, friendly atmosphere in some of these episodes, and the actors really sell it (like the Deborah/Cliff scenes, which would have been creepy and weird with bad chemistry).

A year ago today, we lost Linda Cook (the last Laurie Ann)

I didn't realize it had been a year.

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Wasn't sure where to put this - I put it in the GL thread. It's an article on Lisa Howard.


I always associate her name with Edge, especially considering the nature of her demise, but IMDB credits her with GL, her last soap role, so I suppose GL is the correct spot. How's that for a run-on sentence?

I went to his NYC funeral. I was 17 at the time.

You must have seen a number of his Edge cast mates, as well personnel from other serials. Did you speak with any of them?

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IMDB credits her with Edge too, but I think I always remember GL because I know she played Trudy Bauer and that's a role I always want to see more of. It sounds like she had a much larger role on Edge.

What I meant was: if you search for her name on IMDB, when the list of names appears IMDB has Guiding Light in parentheses next to her name rather than Edge. I believe I have an episode of GL with her playing Trudy. If I can dig it up, I will add it to You Tube.

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Wow! That's a side of Lawrence Hugo I never saw! I have such happy memories of Lawrence Hugo and Burt Douglas. I remember how Ron Christopher assisted Mike Karr in finding his kidnapped daughter Laurie Ann (then-Emily Prager). I do recall some outdoor location scenes...in a wooded area, when Ron discovered the cabin where Laurie Ann was being kept.

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