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A slight digression, but what is it with the late 80s-early 90s and making EVERY BLACK WOMAN on TV look exactly like Whitney Houston? Poor Debbi always seems to be dressed up like her twin sister in every video and pic I see of her from that era, no matter which show, AMC or GEN, so I can't lay the blame at the feet of one single stylist. [/rant]

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Can anyone tell me who the actors were in the first scenes, the soap-within-a-soap? I know the man is John Gabriel (although he, as Pauline Kael would have said, seems to be wearing a John Gabriel mask), but I didn't know the others.

The woman who fell down the stairs and got her memory back - I cracked up because I actually thought the soap was telling this as a real story.

It's a clever hook, but the problem is I'm more interested in her character than in several of the regulars...

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I don't know who the actress playing the mistress character, Jade Collins, is. The wife character, Lacey Reynolds, is being played by the fictional Jessica Gardner. Her father, Hugh Gardner (Jack Betts), is the guy dying in bed. I haven't rewatched the premier again, but I think there is an early television appearnace by a fairly well known actress playing Hugh's nurse. Anyway, Jessica Gardner is being played by Barbara Rhoades, more recently of OLTL fame as the not so dead Irene Manning. Rhoades was replaced by Linda Gibboney.

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That's Barbara Rhoades? Geez. I should have known that. I blend several actresses of that era together - at one point I hoped it was Anita Morris, and wondered if it was a slimmer Edie McLurg...

Is the nurse in this clip. towards the end?


I know this show has a lot of detractors. It's not the liveliest premiere (especially the narration), but it's OK.

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The way Barbara Rhoades' stunt double does that reverse somersault down the stairs is really quite hilarious. Not to mention how she so effortlessly sits up and starts talking memories.

Vivian will forever be Donna from Sanford and Son.

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That scene is a much more fun soap parody than a lot of soap parodies have ever been.

Is it me or does that Tomorrow's Another Day name, and logo, seem to be some sort of homage/dig at Search for Tomorrow?

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Yes, Carl, that is the actress. I cannot get a good view of her face in this clip.

I've seen people complain about begin with the scenes from 'Tomorrow's Another Day.' I think it's a valid concern. I do like how the title not only reflects 'Search for Tomorrow,' but 'Days of our Lives' and 'Another World.' I think the Lacey / Vic plot is a reflection of the Hugh / Mary plot back in Chicago. I believe Mary Gardner poisoned her brother Hugh, the father of Jessica (Lacey), in order to get her hands on Hugh's money. Of course, the will stipulated the money go to Jessica's estranged son, who Jessica tracked down in order to make amends with and get her hands on her father's money.

I've liked what I've seen of the beginning and the end of 'Generations.' I haven't seen enough of the middle to make a fair assessment.

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