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After finishing this season of Mexican Dynasties on Bravo, I wanted to see Fernando Allendes' early work, so I just binged the whole series and I recommend it. 


The voodoo turn in season 2 is totally nutty.  The reveal of Michael's sister really surprised me.  However, even in a binge watch, I lost track of the actual parentage of every character vs who they thought were their parents.  By the time Lane's long-lost-father showed up, but he might not have been her biological father, it blew my mind.  When the whole town starts talking about Titus and Tyronne, I kept having to remind myself that Tyronne was Michael.  Horrible things befall Woody/Skipper and his hair just keeps getting blonder. And one of the soapiest moments in history is when his sister (who may not be biologically related) Constance takes physical therapy in the family pool, in a french-cut bathing suit, despite being paralyzed from the waist down. 


Barbara Rush and Howard Duff give my favorite performances, but it is easy to see that CBS did not want those two to carry the show because the promos focus on Constance and Lane.  Titus was so much scarier than JR because the stakes were higher.  He tries to kill multiple characters, he raped at least two women, and he is the legal system in that town.  Barbara's hairstylist should also be singled out because that was a herculean amount of teasing.


I think my biggest criticism as a modern viewer is that the minority characters are given the cringiest of parts to play.   It goes without saying that Esther Rolle as a voodoo priestess, (with a constant bongo underscore), stretches the boundaries of good taste.  Fernando's Julio is a physical therapist who can bill for housecalls but still lives in the poorest part of town.  And his sister is only there to be a victim of Titus's bigotry.  Needless to say, I don't think it is going to get a reboot any time soon, but it was a fun binge.   

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