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Important Note for All Members


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Hello Everyone,

While I'm sure you all have come to expect me to go on and on about why SON was down and how grateful I am to have the site and message boards back up and running, but that's not what this message is about. While I am happy the site and message boards are back online, this message is about the future.

For the past couple of months I have been blinded by things occuring right in front of me because of real-life issues that we all have come to expect as part of our everday lives. While I won't go into details about what things have happened, I just want you all to know that I am sorry for letting things get out of control here and I will be working my butt off in trying to get Soap Opera Network back to some sort of normalcy that many of you have become accustomed to.

This website has been a part of my heart and soul for the last six years of my life and I refuse to sit back and allow it to be used as a way of dealing with matters that it had nothing to do with in the first place. I will not allow it to be used to promote animosity with others. I will not allow it to be used to further promote a venture that it was never a part of for even one second. I will not allow the foundation of Soap Opera Network to be gutted and thrown in the garbage because of any one thing or person.

With that said, here's to the future of Soap Opera Network.


While we are on the verge of celebrating another birthday and a year gone by, we hope you and your friends join us while we embrace a new era of Soap Opera Network, where we will be celebrating our beginnings and returning to you some of your favorite features including the SON Top 10 and the SON Awards. New features coming soon include digital media productions and bringing your favorite soap stars closer as part of our "Bringing.Drama.Closer" campaign. Recently, we overhauled the entire website (http://www.soapoperanetwork.com) to better cover the 9 daytime soap operas. You can see all the latest daytime soap opera content at http://www.soapoperanetwork.com/soaps. Additionally, look for an emphasis on primetime entertainment beginning this fall at http://www.soapoperanetwork.com/primetime, where you will find all the latest news and previews on "90210," "Brothers & Sisters," "Desperate Housewives," "Dirty Sexy Money," "General Hospital: Night Shift," "Gossip Girl," "Grey's Anatomy," "MVP," "One Tree Hill," "Private Practice" and "Ugly Betty." More shows will be added to primetime as time warrants.

Also, as part of the new digital age, we have officially launched our MySpace page, which has been in development for two years! We can now be in eachother's spaces by visiting http://www.myspace.com/soapoperanetwork.


In early May, Eden Riegel and husband Andrew Miller launched the online series "Imaginary Bitches," in which Riegel stars as a character named Eden, a woman who creates imaginary friends to supplement the ones that have apparently abandoned her. Described as a "Sex and the City" type comedy, "Imaginary Bitches" has become one of the most popular series on YouTube. In support of the series as it approaches the end of its first season, Soap Opera Network has partnered up with the "Bitches" team and created a page on its website. You can find news, recaps and the most recent episodes at http://www.soapoperanetwork.com/web/imaginarybitches (content is constantly being added). The series also stars Elizabeth Hendrickson (Chloe, "The Young and the Restless"; ex-Maggie, "All My Children"), Sam Page (ex-Trey, "All My Children"), Connie Fletcher-Staton (ex-Erin, "All My Children"), Greg Rikaart (Kevin, "The Young and the Restless") and Charlie Koznick (Christian, "Coastal Dreams"). Show your support for "Imaginary Bitches" by visiting their YouTube page at http://www.youtube.com/user/imaginarybitches.

Thank you for visiting Soap Opera Network since its launch on October 8, 2001 and again as its own .com service in November 2002. Your continued support through both our ups and downs has been one of greatness and gratitude.


Errol Lewis

Webmaster and Owner, Soap Opera Network

[email protected]

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Thanks for as great site. Love coming here and reading the reading your ratings theread. Will have to learn how to navigate the rest of the site.

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Thanks for as great site. Love coming here and reading the reading your ratings theread. Will have to learn how to navigate the rest of the site.

That's what got me hooked over 4 years ago....Toups ratings thread. :D

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Hi everyone. I'm new to this site but certainly not new to soaps. (Hope I placed this in the correct thread!)

Pooch :):):)

I love your Avatar. :wub:

Grant's one of my all time faves. Welcome to the board.

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Hello to all of our new members. We welcome you to our little den on the web.

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