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I just love the fact that I'm totally engrossed in the story after only a few episodes. If this has already been asked, I apologize... is Althea pregnant with her daughter Penny or is this a different child?

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My God, Bethel Leslie has a way with a snarky line. Her Maggie is the highlight of every episode so far. And Althea and Nick are such a glorious mess of a couple.

This show is so easy to get into and so compelling so quickly, no wonder this show was becoming such a huge hit at this time.

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Also, so THAT'S why Maggie DePriest looks like! She's playing Mrs. Berger. It's so weird when you're finally able to put a face to a name.

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I can't help but notice those bright red blinds behind the curtains in scenes. Probably some current hack designer who is obsessed with midcentury will see those while channel surfing then bring them back with a line claiming it was their creation/idea.

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In her session with Bill,Althea mentions past relationships with Sam Shaffer who was the hospital chaplain in the original anthology series and continued when the show went to soap format and Matt.

Found the John/Polly scenes grating.John sure had a lot of time to spend with patients.

Steve claimed to be 'the one and only 'son in the family. Oops...he forgot Jason

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I've been slow to get started because of work, but I watched the first episode last night, and I have to echo what everyone else has said about the show's comedy, which was totally unexpected! John and Matt discussing Polly was one thing, but Matt insisting that Karen "cuss him out in German!" in regards to Nick was hilarious and bizarre! It's amazing that we're finally getting to see those particular nuances of the show nearly 50 years later.

I remember long ago when Matt (out Matt) had a soap history site, and his write-up for The Doctors mentioned how hostile Hope Memorial's staff could be with each as opposed to GH's much more agreeable characters. This first episode illustrated that point perfectly. The actors really got into, too.

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