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On 4/8/2021 at 9:02 AM, jam6242 said:

Supposedly, the app for Roku is going to be available on Monday (4/12).  Not sure about the timeline for the apps for other devices but the previous service had several options.

thanks a lot!

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Posted (edited)

BTW, when I created my login for the new site, the "secret word" voucher (for the extra free month) given in the e-mail didn't work for me so I contacted Jennifer--they added a 1 (number one) to the end of it.


I came across this obit today for an actress named Carolyn Byrd. I'm not familiar with her but it says she recurred on The Doctors in the 1980s as "Dr. Terri Fisher" and was on Somerset as "Margie Hopkins."


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22 minutes ago, victoria foxton said:

Overall, this was a pretty good interview. That being said, I want to know when the "Go Fund Me" for Frank Telfer's upgraded internet and equipment is going to start. This is like his third(?) interview with The Locher Room and, every single time, his 'portion' of it is basically useless because his internet connection is too slow and/or his equipment fails. Frank is a LOVELY, funny man who has LOTS of things to share about his time working on TD, but... I've gotten to the point where I cringe when I see he's being included on a TD group interview because I know what's going to (or not going to) happen. I would love a one-on-one interview with Frank by Alan Locher, but it would be great if they could meet together, six feet apart, all precautions taken, and it can be filmed and uploaded. Doing these web interviews with dear Frank are, sadly, a big fail. *sigh*


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Is there any word on when Retro will resume showing The Doctors.It would be great to see the whole run.

This article talks about the changes being made - all for nothing in the end.

Would anything have helped the show at this point?

Tune in Tomorrow by Jon Michael reed Oct 1980

NEW YORK - With swift, sudden backstage overhaul, NBC's "The Doctors" hopes to remedy its low ratings ailments. Since August, when the half-hour  serial moved to a new time period In most parts of the country, "The Doctors" hasn't improved its bottom of-the-barrel ratings. Several affiliate NBC stations cancelled the show, but now they are being wooed, wined and dined by NBC to resume the program.

NBC has it in its power to use all manner of persuasion since the network now owns the program, "The Doctors" was owned by Colgate-Palmolive beginning with its debut in 1963. It was C P who hired producer Doris Quinlan, a respected serial veteran, last year to "pump up" the show. It was C P who last year hired Ralph and Eugenie Ellis, also veterans in the serial world, as headwriters. It was C P, together with Ms. Quinlan, who wanted to oust the Ellises in favor of Harding Lemay, who was headwriter of "Another World" for eight years. It was C P who sold "The Doctors" to NBC several weeks ago.

 Last week it was NBC who decided to "part ways with Doris Quinlan because of irreconcilable differences about the future direction of the program." It was NBC who hired Jim Baffico, a former professional football player and executive who had worked for Procter & Gamble's production of "Another World," as the new executive producer of "TD," It was NBC who also hired Joe Rothenberger, yet another former P&G producer who has worked for "As the World Turns" among others, as the line producer for "TD." And it is NBC who has decided to retain the Ellises as headwriters, while Lemay joins his former dialogue writer, Doug Marland, who currently head-writes "Guiding Light." There are several high-powered daytime executives at NBC who are former employees of P & G. If the new production line-up on "The Doctors" is also studded with former P &G employees, it may be entirely without coincidence. Rothenberger worked with the Ellises for "ATWT" and it is hoped that a "tighter family unit" behind the scenes at "TD" will result in a better on-screen product.

Already, the program has shown recognizable signs of consolidating it's previously random story threads. It appears that the program is foregoing last year's kidnapping and hostage mayhem plots in favor of a return to domestic romanticism and inter-familial squabbles. Whether the new regime will work wonders remains to be seen. And whether major cast changes are in store 'is a major concern to castmembers, although the Ellises have reportedly assured everyone that no drastic cast eliminations are imminent.

 That surely brought a sigh of relief to the dozen cast members who joined the show in the past year. Among them is Caroline Byrd, who has been compelling as Terri Foster, a black doctor involved in reforming a prostitute. Although she briefly played a nurse on the defunct soap, "Somerset," Caroline considers "The Doctors" to be her first "substantial" daytime role. Terri is a positive, strong, intelligent woman who is capable of inspiring her younger black sisters to get the best education possible and to use it. She's not a negative role model like so many black characters on TV," adds Caroline, Before "TD" Caroline made her career high mark in the Broadway musical, "Bubbling Brown Sugar." Critics raved about her singing abilities in that show. Born in Canton, Ohio, Caroline trained to be an opera singer. After majoring in elementary education at Ohio State University, she performed in several musical revues before she concentrated in gospel singing, which led to her being chosen for "Sugar." In addition to dozens of commercials and "TD," Caroline continues her gospel singing on the road and at Canaan Baptist Church in Harlem where she's a soloist and also a reading tutor volunteer who works with youth groups. She has been honored with the 1977 Lorraine Hansberry Arts Award, and is a frequent speaker in schools, churches and prisons. She's an asset to "The Doctors" and it may be interesting to see how her character develops on the soap. Tune in tomorrow to see how Terri and "TD" fare under the show's new production team.

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