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I hope to god its not Carl that dies. He has so much more potential at being one of Emmerdale's most complex villians in its 40 year history. Might even rival Kim Tate as one of the best.

I actually think it might be Declan, seeing as SB said that the person dies "has it coming". Isn't Declan trying to swindle Megan off her money ? Maybe he meets an unfortunate demise.

Characters I'd axe are

Brenda Walker - No way to go and pretty much does nothing.

Priya Sharma - Similar and seeing as Alicia is coming back soon and will likely get with David, presents no other avenues left to explore.

Declan Macey - Only to introduce a new family into Home Farm

Cameron Murray - Dragging Debbie down and is just an uninteresting character

Alex Moss - Dull character and dragging Victoria down

Sean Spencer - Don't like the character at all

Ali Spencer - Don't like the character, Too shouty and show off

Rishi Sharma - No point in having him

Robbie Lawson - Poor villian. Kill him off or send him off to prison

Kerry Wyatt - If she isn't developed by Mid 2013, get rid of her


Kim Tate, Nathan Wylde

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Chas is overexposed anyway. Regardless, she did not kill Carl, Cameron did so if anyone is going next, it is him.

I have to say that I don't mind them killing off Carl. His violent death feels like karma. Too bad EE won't do the with Phil Mitchell.

If they needed to go there I would have done it based on his behavior toward his family, mroeso than the sudden violent obsession with Chas. The whole story of Carl was that he was so screwed up and weak he inadvertently caused harm. The end didn't seem like him.

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So, they did it. They killed Carl, and made him and evil, attempted rapist to boot. More character assassination from SB.

What a horrible story. Cameron should have died. Carl should never have been ruined and written out. This story is so predictable. Chas thinks she killed Carl, and Cameron will let her believe it (or some variation), while Jimmy will be the number 1 suspect, due to his cuts and bruises from the fight with Carl. rolleyes.gif

The Gennie/Nikhil scenes were great. They had some good character interaction during the birth, with Val wanting her to mess the carpet so she could claim it on the insurance, and Lizzie the blind woman, being the only one not to have had a drink and fit to drive her to the hospital. laugh.png Sian Reece Williams did a great job in those scenes.

IA, too much Debbie. Her giving birth in this episode wasn't necessary, IMO.

I quite liked the Declan/Katie/Megan/Robbie scenes. Maybe it was b/c something was happening. Although, when Katie was recapping everything, she forgot to mention how Robbie attacked her, which is what started her and Declan's revenge on Megan. I guess Katie is the villain in the story. rolleyes.gif

The Live episode was produced well, and the acting was good, shame about the suck-y writing.

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I think people are kind of over live episodes. I guess this is about what you could expect for Emmerdale. They were on the road to stronger ratings a few years ago but sort of threw that away with Viv's and Terry's shameful exits and the Jackson story, among others.

I feel like Emmerdale and Corrie are lucky they haven't lost millions of viewers the last few years.

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