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Emmerdale: Discussion Thread

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9 hours ago, I Am A Swede said:

And so the whitewashing of Debbie has begun....  :rolleyes:

With Joseph now blackmailing her over her involvement in the acid attack on Ross everyone's anger will almost certainly be directed towards him when, or if, the truth comes out. All while Debbie (and Cain) will get off for what they've done.


In other news:

As expected Robert and Aaron have taken Sebastian away from Rebecca.....

Yet another Dingle-brat is on it's way, and this time with Paddy as the father! O joy....  <_<


Sometimes I just hate this show so much!   :angry:


I think Chas will lose the baby (with Paddy going back to Rhona) and Rebecca will leave with the baby after Lachlan is exposed, leading Robert and Aaron to have a baby (probably via Victoria).

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I like your ideas, Carl. 


I know this won’t be the first time I’ve posted this but I really hope Emily Head (Rebecca) scoots over to EE to play the baby sister of another Chrissie. Hey, they can call her Rebecca, too, since there’s nobody on the show with that name at present. I’ve always thought Head resembled Tracy-Ann Oberman physically and especially vocally. I can see Rebecca going to work for either Mel at E20 or Kat (at The Albert?) to pave the way for her her big sister showing up and taking over either business.

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