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EastEnders: Discussion Thread

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Im 2 weeks behind, but Im loving the ridiculousness of Ben torturing his new sister with hot spoons and sheds. That kid trying to act like Tony Soprano is the funniest thing I've ever seen.

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I don't know how thoroughly the plot is being changed. If it's big, then I guess the scenes may just not air and someone may be called in to play new scenes. If it's not big, then they might just reshape the scenes to scrub away the part about this woman being a prostitute, and instead Lucas might just be killing a woman with no real background.

People have been speculating on this for weeks but since we hadn't heard anything I thought they had decided to stay with the scenes.

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Do you have any stories in mind for Pat?

Do you have any thoughts on the current pacing of storylines and any changes you might make?

Do you have any plans to bring back Shabnam Masood?

Is there any character or family, past or present, you would consider to be the core of Eastenders?

Do you have any stories in mind for Carol?

What was your favorite time in the show's history?

What is your opinion on the current state of younger leading men in Eastenders? Do you have any plans to bring in stronger male characters?

What are your plans for the Slater family left in Walford (Mo, Kat, Alfie), since Jean, Stacey, and Charlie are leaving?

Is there any need for the second pub/club/nightclub (most recently called R&R) which often seems to exist only so it can be set on fire? If so, what plans do you have for it?

Do you have any plans to bring in new members of the Beale/Fowler family, or to recast Steven Beale?

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I hope so. As you can see I had to edit mine down a bit as they were a bit too anti-current EE and they probably wouldn't let those be asked :lol:

Thanks for letting me know about this.

You probably already saw this but it's an interview with Simon May.


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I wonder what they're going to change it to, since it's just a week before it's supposed to air. https://boards.soapoperanetwork.com/uploads/emoticons/default_unsure.png

My guess is, she will not be a call girl, and will probably be some other sin related woman. If it didn't directly link into Denise getting major suss, then I bet they would've cut it all together, and not bothered. It'll be interesting to see what they come up with in such a short space of time.

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    • Yay for Sutton!!!   That said...meh on that trailer. I might watch the first episode and clips. Otherwise I'm out.      + 1
    • Crystal comes across like a bitch.  She's also friends with Maria Arena Bell...so I side eye anyone that's friends with her...just like I side eyed Kyle being friends with Faye resnick    Sutton vs Crystal seems promising though.   And I would have demoted Erika.  Keeping her diamond is like rewarding a child for bad behavior.
    • I would LIVE for that. And, yes, I haven’t watched much Melbourne, but I’ve seen enough of Gina to know she’d obliterate her.   Even Bethenny, who doesn’t seem the type to throw hands, intimidated Erika when she appeared on BH years ago. She wouldn’t stand for any of that sh!t.   Dorit, I think, can hold her own against Erika, and Garcelle is someone I’d love to see Erika try, but my problem with BH recently is that the bullies have won. Even though the Green-Eyed Bandits and Candiace ultimately ran Monique off the show, I always felt Monique (or anyone else in the cast) could handle business and put up a hell of a good fight. 
    • I'm already mourning the idea that we'll not like Sutton by the end of this season
    • OMG, can you imagine? Dorinda, Kandi, Kenya, CANDIACE, Ashley, Karen, Teresa, Dolores would check that attitude PDQ.   Gina Liano of RHOMelbourne would also leave Erika a gibbering wreck. She can both outsmart and outswear anybody.   Now this is the RH All-Stars I want to see!
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