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On 6/12/2021 at 12:52 AM, victoria foxton said:






I watched her cut short an interview too. She's really become bizarre.

1 hour ago, Forever8 said:


Wow. It's really true. It has to be. I'm both thrilled yet ... cautiously concerned. 

15 minutes ago, BetterForgotten said:

Oh god, this hack team will just make her a cartoon. Love Janine, but no trust in this team to do her justice. 


I don't even feel like these are hacks; it's a show that's kind of just existing at the moment and will throw out a shock to try and garner some press and ratings.


I agree no team will do her justice. If this were a US soap she'd be hiding out an alive Pat Butcher and Ian Beale and they return to Walford together LOL. An aside, I've always thought a good writer could have written away Pat's death. Sigh. That was such a mistake and hearing Janine returning just makes me think of the mistake in killing Pat.

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Posted (edited)

I appreciate the show has a less ugly and toxic feel to it, but I'm not surprised. It's not exactly the most interesting. It's also not horrible but nothing really interesting is going on. 


I imagine fans aren't interested in Chelsea and Gray (who is past his expiration date)


I like Sonia and her father and his little triangle with Shirley and Kathy. 


Mick and Linda are expecting Max's child. Zzzzz. If I never hear 'Max' again I'm good.


Then you have Bernie (who's very likeable) going on a diet with pills to become Stuart and Rainie's surrogate. Violet is filling the battleaxe archtype. 


Ben is pathetic over Callum, who deserves better than Ben. Then you have Ben providing protection for Jags in prison but he gets pissy over realizing Sharon and Kheerat are seeing each other so he calls it off (he's drunk when he does it) and Jags dies (supposedly). I like Sharon and Kheerat though.


Kat and Phil is ok for now. He at least smiles.


Martin and Ruby ... zzzz ... she can't have kids. We get it. She's terrible. I don't really care much. Ruby feels on borrowed time.


I can't say it's must see. But I don't want deaths and trauma every day either. It needed to relax the over the top drama. But I don't know if these writers/producers are doing it. 


No wonder they finally brought Janine back. I hope she adds some life. 

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I mean, to be fair, episodes aren't even airing normally. They drop them all on Monday to stream. LOL. Clearly that's hurting them. But again, the show isn't exactly exciting must see TV either. 

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Been reading some spoilers/rumors. Seems like they're back on the stunt-wagon soon.


Nancy gets hit with a car driven by Frankie next week.


A fire will take place in the fall (was recently taped, so should air in September)

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Posted (edited)

Scarlett Butcher (Moon) arrived in today's episode:



And so far she's nothing like mommie dearest. Curious if that lasts.


It's fun watching Kat as a mother to a very mouthy Tommy. LOL. 


I keep forgetting Jack is still on the show ... lol


I like Zack and Nancy. Mick's dour face is tiresome though.


Time to move on to wrapping up the Gray stuff. Seems like the possibility is there. He's starting to slip (bringing up that Tina, dead, was seen), IMO, and Chelsea isn't Chantelle. I do like Gray's actor though. He's hot as hell, IMO. lol. But yeah, time to wrap it up.


Also feels like it's time to deal with the elephant in the room between Martin and Ruby. I imagine it will happen when Stacey comes back.

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