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Newman's era just seemed deathly boring with a series of really terrible new characters. I don't know what it will be remembered for in the long-run, or if it will be a completely forgotten era of the show.

It's a shame she never worked out given her long history with the show. I didn't want her stuff consistently, I think she made an effort, she just didn't know how to properly execute some of her ideas. I did notice that Kat was more like her 2000-2005 self in the episodes I recently watched (and Jessie is back to her 2005 hairdo), and there seemed to be more of an effort made for diversity (even if not well realized).

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This could either be a good thing, or it could be another Eddie Royale situation. If this couple has no chemistry with each other, or with the wider community, the whole thing would be a gigantic flop. Other the other hand, if it works, it could be the kick on the arse the show needs.

I don't mind Shirley, but she's always squarely a supporting character, I really don't see the point in tying her to the new owners. They seem to be casting loads of family around her, I don't think she works as a front and center type character, but will have to see to judge.

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David's return is pretty decent so far, he's seemed to fit back in almost seamlessly. I did like that little scene with Sharon and Carol in yesterday's episode, it was the most in-character I've seen Sharon from the stuff I've seen of her return too.

I don't know if they're going to attempt David/Carol again. I don't know if I could ever see those two long-term given their history, and they're not really in the Pat/Frank vein.

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I know a lot of people felt that way about her and Jamie. (I thought Martin was cute but not sure if other fans did).

I don't see a point in Sonia returning long-term but I wouldn't mind a visit, especially to see more of her with Carol.

Natalie Cassidy is one of those people who screwed themselves over by believing they were a "celebrity." She became way too known for her personal life and her personal feuds, and I think it hurt her career a lot.

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I hate her (both actress and character). A lot of my least favorite storylines during periods where I loved the show involved her.

While her relationship with Carol is relatively unexplored, I think Sonia was burnt out by the time she left and there's nothing left to explore with her at this point.

I guess the upside is that we have someone with the Fowler last name on the show again...

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