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I didn't know Jean was leaving.

I was surprised and happy to see they actually bothered to give her a happy exit, complete with a Julia's Theme ending!


She was easily one of those supporting characters they could have given a rushed exit too (or not bother to give her one at all), so it's nice they gave the character a fitting exit. 


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I wonder if that was down to DTC, as he clearly loved the character.

I'm always glad when soaps don't just kill people off of send them to prison for shock value, or have them leave in misery. It's stale as hell. EE has been very bad at this, especially in recent years.

Jean deserved a happy ending.

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I liked AJ, too, when he first arrived, but he's done nada since. He's been with the show for 2 years and has never had a story, and he's barely been a supporting player in other people's stories. He's been criminally wasted. It feels like they didn't have anything mapped out for him at all.

Kirsty and Carl have been terrible additions... well, maybe not totally terrible, but they never should have been created in the first place.

Poppy had potential, but again, yet another character they didn't know what to do with.

Refining the show can only be a positive thing.


Breaking News: Ava and Sam are leaving, too.


But WTF?! Dexter is staying!

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Good you should mention Cora, as she's been MIA for months. The last time she was mentioned was during a throwaway line about her "being away". Not even something specific like, she's visiting Tanya.

It's not very good that she's missed a lot of important stuff that she should have been used for. They've not developed the Cora/Ava relationship at all, and really, they should have progressed in some direction at the same time Ava/Sam/Dexter have bonded and become a proper family. She's not been around to comfort/support Lauren and Abi and battle Kirsty while Max has been wrongly imprisoned.

Now, Sam & Ava are leaving, and apparently that was always planned (I don't buy that for a second; more like DTC is reacting to negative fan feedback), but they aren't taking Dexter with them. Why the hell not? I guess he'll be used to give Cora some extra purpose. I think it's a shame they've axed Ava, as she could have been rebooted. But then, without Tanya and Sam, she doesn't have much purpose being in the show. Obviously, there is still Cora, but that link doesn't feel enough

I do wonder why Fatboy still exists now that Poppy is going. I think they should leave together, as he really doesn't have any purpose these days.

I think there are certain characters DTC won't get rid off b/c he created them: Ronnie & Roxy, Masood & Tamwar, Shirley, The Brannings. And obviously Dot, Ian and the Mitchells.

Carl, did you read about what Barbara Windsor said about Pat's exit, and how it wasn't Pam St. Clement's decision to leave? What did you think about that?

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Ronnie is only back short-term isn't she?

I think I read something at the time of the exit about it not being Pam's choice, but I'm not sure. I think it was a bad idea to kill Pat off, especially since it had no real impact on story and her death was overshadowed by Derek Branning's arrival (still one of the most pointless stories I can remember on this show).

Does Carol ever have anything to do?

I think DTC was one of the main people who destroyed what was left that was keeping Eastenders from being very stale camp, so I hold no real interest in his return. He's lucky that the show is so far down now anything he does will be seen as an improvement.

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Sam Womack has heavily hinted that she will return permanently. She said she initially signed on for 6 months as she didn't know if the character would be well received (after the baby switch debacle), or if she would like the writing. She does like the writing and the stripping Ronnie back to who she was originally, so I can see her extending her contract.

Apparently, Pam just wanted some time off (like she used to every now and again), but they told her they'll kill her off instead. She was shocked and very upset by it. I still don't understand what warranted such a decision, or how BK thought killing off Pat would be a great idea. I noticed they spun it in the media as if it was Pam's decision, probably so they could avoid any backlash.

Carol is currently dating Masood, and apparently, they are in love. Now David is back, and a triangle ensues.

I think people (well, onliners) hail DTC has someone who will restore the show to its former glory. Whatever that means. I think poor LN will be remembered for haemorrhaging viewers, instead of partially fixing the show. She's redeemed Kat, brought back a character-driven feel to the storytelling, fixed the horrid sets that BK designed, and injected a community vibe back into the show. Granted, she's made some terrible mistakes a long the way, like not picking up on promising story beats, or certain couple potential, and allowing certain characters, like Sharon, to basically rot. But, she did inherit the show in a very bad way from BK, who unnecessarily dismantled it. When people think of DTC, they think about Syed's sexuality, Stacey's bipolar, Ronnie & Roxy, and other big stories and characters of that time. They forget about Tanya burying Max alive, Lauren mowing Max down, Archie raping Stacey, Archie's murder mystery, the cartoon-ish Janine, Sam Mitchell's return and her silly 'who's the daddy?' story...

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