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EastEnders: Discussion Thread


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Kirkwood is getting what he gave Lucy Allan. Eastenders tends to be very flat when it's not in stunt mode and that's leveling off again, now with endless teens. The teen stuff will be blamed on Kirkwood ("He wants to make this Hollyoaks!"), even though Santer has been trying to big up these wooden teens for years.

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No, today was the day he took over from Santer officially. Last week was Santer's last week running things.

Kirkwood's episodes probably won't start airing until June or so...

Okay, so you just mean behind the scenes. If it's a problem I hope, you or someone else, will mention when his first episode airs. :)

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From Digital Spy:

BAFTA-nominated Coronation Street writer Daran Little has defected to rival soap EastEnders.

The announcement of the 43-year-old's move south comes just one day into Bryan Kirkwood's official reign as executive producer. Former exec Diederick Santer stepped down from the role at the end of last week after nearly three and a half years helming the East-End soap.

Typing on his Twitter account yesterday evening, Little wrote: "Ta ra Weatherfield... 'ello Walford... happy to say I'm now writing for EastEnders."

Little has written for Coronation Street on and off for the last decade, during which time he has also penned episodes for Hollyoaks as well as its spinoffs In The City and last year's Later - which was also exec produced by Kirkwood.

During his stint with Corrie, Little masterminded - among others storylines - the Manchester soap's first gay plot and kiss, which saw Todd Grimshaw make a pass at his girlfriend's brother Nick Tilsley.

In July 2008, he was poached by ABC Daytime as a Creative Consultant for All My Children. He went on to become one of the show's associate head writers for nearly a year and a half, before returning to Corrie for another short stint.

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What is with the pacing and writing on this show? These endless weeks since the live episode, you will hear some fans say that it's OK, what can you expect, they had to be in a slow period. Why? Wasn't the whole point of the Lucas story and Syed/Christian to have other plots which wouldn't depend on the Mitchells or Stacey? Instead, it's been three months since anything memorable happened in the Syed/Christian story and Lucas's story is the most boring, pointless serial killer saga ever.

They have also trashed Ronnie's character so badly.

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