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Here's my list ... A lot less than Carl's, as I enjoy half of the characters he listed. :( Shockingly, I've grown to like Fiz a lot as a supporting player, and she's better at it than any one else on canvas. And all Tracy needs is to get over her Steve obession once and for all.

Kirk / Beth / Julie / Brian - Supporting players that are unneccessary. Goodbye. Write them off happily and let that be the end. Julie can return for short stints now and again.

Izzy / Owen / Katy - Horrible, horrible family. Gary with baby rabies is not fun and I'm tempted to put him on the list as well, but I like Anna too much.

Norris / Mary - I agree with Carl, they're done.

Steve - Why would any girl, especially women as hot as Tracy, Becki and Michelle want to blow him? He's ugly as sin.

Lloyd - They should never have wasted time in bringing him back in the first place.

Kevin / Sally / Sophie - The Websters are boring and not needed. Get rid and no one will notice.

Dev / Sunita - Two horrible, horrible actors. And while Dev can be likable, Sunita is just a horrid slapper in the worst way.

Sean - Caricature can leave anytime. Thank you.

Rob - They went the boring jerk off route with him. Unwatchable. Goodbye.

I'd say Aiden too, but I don't see him staying long anyway.

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I would miss Kevin and Sally, although after the last few years and Collinson's obvious dislike for them I would not be surprised to see them go.

My issue with Tracy is her murdering someone in cold blood and this being ignored, or used for "comedy." This is highly dubious writing, and has made Deirdre look pathetic beyond belief, because she just enables it.

I like Lloyd, but mostly as a supporting character. I would get rid of the insta-daughter and ex but since they just started they might prove me wrong.

I like Izzy, but they have no idea how to write for her. Collinson had some strong dislike for Gary, IMO, and it showed. I think he will be gone soon enough, which is a shame.

Which characters on my list did you like? Maybe you can change my mind about them.

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Sean - just pointless and awful. If you need a weak token then whip up another one. He actively kills scenes.

Gloria - only interesting thing about her is whether she had a bad facelift

If Anthony Cotton is friends with SB, then Sean won't be going anywhere.

Gloria is played by a seasoned actress, who is very well respected. I love Sue Johnson, and she hasn't had a facelift (I don't believe) - I think it's a load of make up, as the character is supposed to have that look. Plus, she does have pretty good skin in real life, whenever I've seen her around. Gloria as a character has been created with the wrong image in mind. I think she would have worked better if she was more like Cora from EE, and less like a Blanche rip-off. Decent writing could turn her around. The same for Stella. Even though I don't think Stella brings anything to the show.

Hit list...

Karl: Pointless.

Fiz: Out stayed her welcome ages ago.

Chesney: See above.

Owen: He's such a boring character. Anna can do so much better than him.

Izzy: Needs to leave once this surrogacy reaches its messy end.

Katy: See above. Plus, she adds nothing to the show.

Elieen: Overrated, and run her course.

Paul: Miserably boring.

Sean: Do I really need to state a reason?

Aidan: A guest character he may be, but a pointless one nonetheless.

Brian: Annoying and pointless.

Beth: A Cilla clone.

Tina: She's lost her way, and has been dragged down by misery.

The ones I can't decide on are: Leanne, Peter, Mary, Norris, Julie. For the first time, I felt Mary had a purpose when she was crushing on Roy; I liked the potential of a Hayley/Roy/Mary triangle, especially when Mary can be so unhinged. I think she has potential to be developed in a serious way by exploring her tragic childhood, and out of the comedy bubble. I like Leane, but that story with Simon's custody battle painted her in such a horrible light.

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I'd keep Leanne just for Jane Danson. The custody story was designed to make people love Carla and Peter. If that's done, she might shine again.

I almost put Eileen on my list because they've completely marginalized her in recent years and her relationship with Jason has started to greatly annoy me, but I think she still works as a sarcastic supporting character. They just need to stop giving her miserable storylines that involve her making sour cow faces.

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It's funny that I didn't include Michelle on my list, even though I hate her. Apparently others feel the same way. As annoying as she is and as annoying as Kym Marsh is, I think she still has enough screen presence to work out on the show, if they just knew what the hell to do with her.

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Yeah, I was wondering where Michelle was on your list :lol: I'm sorry, but I wouldn't dare keep her while writing out Mary.

I haven't watched current Corrie in forever (but I've been loving any opportunity I get to watch a few old eps), so I couldn't fairly make a list of who to get rid of. Graeme is long gone, so I'm good.

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Dennis Tanner, Ken Barlow, Emily Bishop, Rita Tanner, Peter Barlow, Deirdre Barlow, Gail Platt, Tracy Barlow, Audrey Roberts, Nick Tilsley, Kevin Webster, Sally Webster, Steve McDonald, David Platt, Norris Cole, Sophie Webster, Roy Cropper, Leanne Battersby, Hayley Cropper, Tyrone Dobbs, Eileen Grimshaw, Maria Connor, Kirk Sutherland, Jason Grimshaw, Sunita Alahan, Fiz Brown, Simon Barlow, Chesney Brown, Amy Barlow, Lloyd Mullaney, Michelle Connor, Carla Connor, Marcus Dent, Tina McIntyre, Julie Carp, Anna Windass, Gary Windass, Mary Taylor, Liam Connor Jr, Lewis Archer, Brian Packham, Izzy Armstrong, Owen Armstrong, Katy Armstrong, Kylie Platt, Max Turner, Jack Webster, Hope Stape, Faye Butler, Sylvia Goodwin, Stella Price, Eve Price, Beth Tinker, Craig Tinker, Gloria Price, Ruby Dobbs, Mandy Kamara, Jenna Kamara


Bill Webster, Wendy Crozier, Tommy Duckworth, Dev Alahan, Aadi Alahan, Asha Alahan,


Sean Tully, Ryan Connor, Pam Hobsworth, Matt Carter, Paul Kershaw, Karl Munro, Kirsty Soames, Edwin & Alison Soames, Aiden Lester, Rob Donovan

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I watched Wednesday's hour-long episode. Strangely enough, I found myself interested in Corrie for the first time in a long time. Definitely the first full ep I've watched in a good two years (besides old 60s/70s episodes). I usually can't get through a half-hour ep.

The Kirsty/Tyrone thing is very creepy and scary, and I've yet to see Kirsty actually beat him. She just has this abusive vibe to her, and Tyrone's gotten extremely weak. I feel like every line of dialogue in this story can be placed in a man-beats-wife story. Don't know if that's good or bad. I also feel like Fiz could easily beat the crap out of Kirsty.

I had no idea Lewis had returned to the show. I also have no clue what happened between him and Audreh and why she said he's "not her problem" anymore. Gail, as always, is an idiot. Glad to see they've chilled David out a bit. I know he shouldn't be, but he's always been one of my favorites. Now that all of the trashy stuff with Becky is done, do people like Kylie now? I can get behind her, David, and Max being a family unit.

Gary :wub: :wub: :wub: I totally dug those tight sky blue jeans he was wearing. I still can't stand the Armstrongs, though, and it'd be awesome if Gary and Jason just struck out on their own with a little building empire.

What was up with Dev being a prick to everyone in the shop?

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