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Coronation Street: Discussion Thread

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13 hours ago, DRW50 said:


Bradley Walsh is a big star in the UK.


Ah, makes sense. I should have looked him up LOL. 

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Watching regularly now ...


I have to admit, the UK soaps and their pandemic protocols remind me of a budget strapped US soap LOL. Hardly any extras, a bit lethargic ... I will say, it's nice to see a Street that isn't ugly and toxic and dark. I will say they're also hurting not being able to use the vets as much. The Cobbles feel a bit empty.


I also can't say anything is setting the world on fire storywise but it's watchable and I'm simply jumping in (so I'm not up on everything and the details)


Jenny catching onto Sharon was fun. I like that she was forced to spill to Johnny about her dalliance with Ronnie. I like Daisy. I'm glad we got to see Rita in the Sharon face off.


Everyone else seems to be spinning their wheels, no?




David/Shona have no story


Emma and Curtis could be cute


Steve feels tired and the grimace thing Gregson does is a bit annoying ... lol


Carla feels beaten down and "downtrodden" (as a UK article called her). It was fun seeing her rip into pathetic Sarah. Sarah looks like she's playing dress up in the factory LOL

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Posted (edited)

If you're in the United States or the UK (not so sure on the latter) but Pluto TV is streaming episodes of Coronation Street from 2010. It's on a channel called DramaLife -139. 


Pluto TV

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