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49 minutes ago, Forever8 said:

@DRW50 How would you fix the current state of the show if you could? I'm curious to read your thoughts.


I don't even really know. 


I'd have Bet return to mend fences with Rita and have a chat with Ken. Maybe have a party at the Rovers and pay tribute to Betty. Bring Vicky back too. Have a few hints that Bet isn't well, but don't say outright she's ill or dying - Bet wouldn't want it that way. 


I'd write out Eileen, Gemma, Fiz, Chesney, Paul (I actually don't mind him but there's no reason to keep him), Peter, Carla, Nick, Simon (I'd recast Simon at a later date), Alya, Geoff, Gary, Sean, Izzy. To keep the Barlows going I'd recast Ken's grandson and son and have them on the canvas. They probably wouldn't get rid of Steve but if they could I would probably do it - if he does stay I'd make Simon Gregson go to acting classes. 


I'd get rid of the factory. Have it bought by an outside corporation and shut down. Reopen it as a community center to turn to more character and community based stories. 


I'd shut down one of the Kabin or the corner shop. No real need for both. I'd replace one of them with something more suited for modern life. 


I'd also try to figure out how to salvage Toyah and Leanne, if that's possible. Maybe have them learn Les died and left them some mystery to figure out. I don't know. 


I'd bring back Roy's ward, Wayne, maybe give him a wife and family. 


I'd give Gail a real job again and have her stop dithering.


I'd also bring back Dennis Tanner for a more proper stint. 

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So many people who haven't spent a ton of time watching the UK soaps are quick to hold them up as what the US soaps should be, but it doesn't take much watching and learning to know that the UK soaps are extremely hollow shells of their former selves, too. In a way, I think they might be even sadder to consider because it seems like BBC and ITV still promote them with some effort as if we're still in the good old days, but these shows are so far removed from those good old days. They all seem to be skating along on their former glories.

The current TV landscape just has no time for good, quiet, slow-moving drama in virtually any form. If there isn't chaos and death and destruction in every other episode, people are "bored."

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On 10/29/2019 at 9:27 PM, Graham said:

Lisa George is putting in fantastic work in the wake of Sinead's death. How funny it's often Corrie's "comedy" characters that excel the most dramatically too.


I often find it's easier to do dramatic/serious moments than to do comedic moments.  Comic timing is something you either have, or you don't have... and I often find it refreshing when a comedic actor plays something serious and dramatic (i.e. Robin Williams in Awakenings, Roseanne in the serious moments on her show, Whoopi goldberg in The Color purple, etc).

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The last time any pairing on Corrie had remotely any chemistry. And sadly, probably the last time poor Carla ever had decent writing. These two are probably the best thing to come out of Kym Marsh's existence on this show (which is luckily coming to an end soon - I hope permanently). 


It's funny that Robert James-Collier often felt embarrassed whenever his Corrie stint was mentioned during promotional appearances for Downton Abbey. So much of Liam was a direct result of his natural charisma and personality. 






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