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Coronation Street: Discussion Thread

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18 hours ago, DRW50 said:

Phasing out smaller stories and lighter comedy, moving toward sleaze, ugliness and shock value.


Ah, thanks. I'm not very familiar with Corrie's history. I do need to commit to watching more of its 60s and 70s stories. It looks less appealing from the 80s onwards.

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Coronation Street fans spot one big problem with Sean's homeless storyline

It comes after the character, played by Antony Cotton, was kicked out of his home


Get Daily updates directly to your ine our privacy noCoronation Street viewers have been left heartbroken by Sean's plight into homelessness.

But some have spotted a glaring gaffe during the latest heartbreaking scenes.

ITV viewers have been tuning in to find down-on-his-luck Sean sleeping rough.

It comes after the character, played by Antony Cotton, was kicked out of his home.

Sean has been falling into financial problems.

The pint puller has been living on the streets for weeks.

The heavy-hitting plot has been praised for raising awareness - but there are a few concerning issues being raised.

Despite sleeping in a tent on the Red Rec, Sean manages to make himself look immaculate when he heads back to the cobbles.

Just months ago Sean was going for a haircut once a week at Audrey's pricey salon to keep his barnet in check.

Trying to get his tent back from Carol, Sean Tully [ANTONY COTTON] is affronted when she gives him a list of hostels and waves his cash in her face. He is then robbed by two men in the toilets. 

Part of the reason behind his financial ruin may be that he was paying a staggering £12.50 every week for a trim.

He couldn’t even afford to pay £5 to get his tent back - but it seems he's somehow managing to keep that fresh fade.

Another issue is that Sean doesn't seem to smell as no one has pointed out he stinks. Safe to say this storyline is not getting a positive reception on twitter. people have pointed out sean's haircut and neatly ironed shirt making a mockery of his homelessness.


A scared Sean wakes up in his tent in a car park 

This seems highly unlikely considering he hasn't had a wash for weeks and is only cleaning with wet wipes.

Speaking of which, some viewers have questioned how he can even afford to buy wipes.

He did run into a problem tonight as his shirt was wet, but it looked remarkably uncreased considering he doesn't have access to an iron.

Confused Coronation Street viewers took to Twitter to comment on Sean's appearance. 

One viewer said: "Sean is living in a tent on the Red Rec, yet has perfectly ironed clothes, hair isn’t out of place, and he’s got clear clean skin…

Another asked: "Sean may be homeless but he's had a haircut. I wonder if he smells?" A third said: "He should be scruffy looking and unshaven we should be shown how he manages to keep himself and clothes clean and why doesn't he STINK". Bollocks. He's not being paying rent and had 3 jobs at one point (totalling something like an 80-100 hour week if you added them all up). If you can't put money away on that bed of roses then you need to look in the mirror, somehow he still managed to find time to go out drinking on it.




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They seem extremely paint by the numbers based on the description. I'm curious to see what their storyline is apart from the closeted younger son.

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On 4/29/2019 at 10:13 AM, I Am A Swede said:


I know the feeling. I've come very, very close to walking away from Emmerdale over the years due to horrible storylines and incessant focus on repellent characters....

Iain MacLeod shouldn't be allowed to produce a local panto let alone a top-rated drama. The way he ruined EMMERDALE... I remember EMMERDALE fans warning CORRIE fans that he was a disaster. He's the UK equivalent of Jill Farren Phelps. 

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