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What a pointless change in Loretta`s character. I liked normal Loretta and now they are making her a control freak because Jake was to Nancy.

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Ugh, I do not like Olly at all. What a loser.

Surprisingly though, Kyle, despite him being an ass, kind of intrigues me. Too bad he's leaving.

I really enjoyed the Osbourne/Dean scenes.

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I agree with you about Kyle. There's something interesting about him -- somehow the actor manages to not just be a pretty boy (even with that face) and have some intensity. And how Hollyoaks to have him walking around in his boxers. I preferred that to Olly in his tight briefs, Olly is just a bit TOO perfect bodywise. Kyle looks more natural.

Is it wrong of me to say that Duncan makes my skin crawl? And is he supposed to be a bit mentally slow, like Spencer? Not to mention that I find it hard to believe someone his age would not know what menopause is. This stuff with Suzanne and Darren does not work for me, although I loved when he climbed out the window and then flirted with the two women sitting outside.

The Melissa story is still a dud but I enjoyed seeing Frankie and Jack dance in the kitchen, and poor Steph, how heartbreaking for her. I also feel sorry for Gilly, I think he's really come a long way as a character, I hope they won't get rid of him.

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Just my luck that Kyle, one of the very newbies I like, got cut. I really hope more cuts are coming for some of Lucy Allan's "characters."

Duncan got on my nerves too. I'm saddened he isn't leaving with the Ashworths LoL

The dance was such a sweet moment. I really happy Marquess has plans to kind of make them the patriarch/matriarch of the show.

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I kind of wondered if Kyle was only a short term character all along. Otherwise I think Marquess should keep him because I see real potential there. Unlike with Olly, who fortunately seems to be going soon. The stuff today was just awful and so cheap, as was the stuff with Suzanne and with Loretta and Jake. I guess I will blame that on Allan.

Can you tell me how Loretta and Dom broke up?

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I wouldn't know, I stopped watching when Clare was given a shite exit. Did you hear that line from Jake though, she was with Darren too, in under a year? Slut.

Did you hear about the "ripped from the headlines" plot Loretta was supposed to have about her and her sister. Something about a murder.

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Is Olly going to rape Amy? Please tell me that's not the case. She's another character I'm surprised Marquess hasn't dropped with how much of a victim her character represents. In any case, I hope this means Olly will be on his way out and a redemption arc is out of the cards. The actor isn't worth it, IMO.

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I'm glad Amy wasn't actually raped, that would have been too much, like when Little Mo was raped again on Eastenders. I'm also glad that they mentioned that she reported the attempted rape. I just hope Olly is gone for good. And I hope they aren't going to go back to Amy/Ste -- leave them as friends.

The Suzanne/Darren stuff makes me uncomfortable so I was hoping they were going to go through with firing him. I guess Neville is going to regret keeping Darren around.

Duncan continues to repulse me. The slovenliness, the endless jokes about his eating and how overweight he is, referring to himself in third person. And the horrible acting most of all. Speaking of horrible acting, having big sad eyes does not make up for Ricky's wooden line readings. He reminds me of my favorite character in Fame (the original, not the flop remake), the cab driver's son. Don't ruin my good memories of Fame, Ricky.

So who was the baby Jacqui was taking care of? I almost forgot she was still with Des. That scene seemed to have nothing to do with the rest of Jacqui's story in the episode.

Having Kyle in his underwear for all his scenes (although sadly only one close look at his shapely butt) and the big closeup of Darren in his boxer briefs...I guess they really want those viewers back. :lol: With the C4 ratings down to 700K I guess they'll need to go even further...

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Carl, I'm pretty sure Jacqui was taking care of one of Amy's kids. She said something about Michaela pawning them off on her or something.

And Jesus Christ, you don't know how there I am with you on Duncan and this Ricky kid. Duncan literally makes me feel like I need to take a shower. And hello? Who the eff are you to make fun Kris? This kid needs his ass kicked. I hate when ugly annoying creatures don't know their damn place and have a false sense of self esteem.

And my God, Ricky could actually be a good character if this kid could portray some type of emotion. I was waiting and waiting for him to give me ... something ... never happened. Why and how is Kris involved with him and his dad, anyway? Let's just kill this dad off already and have Ricky leave with Kris or something.

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After seeing Hollyoaks lowest ever ratings,i have seen You Tube videos with more views than today`s episode.

I think its time for Channel 4 to consider moving Hollyoaks Online after these poor performances. With Web Series moving on up i think it should stay on 4 On Demand as it would generate more viewers and manage to keep an identity as the first soap on the internet.

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